March 29, 2008


This photo had me crakin' up. Because the exposure quality of this photo of Golden wasn't too hot, I think I must have just filed it away on my computer. I was looking for a file tonight and I found it....I love that fat little face. He makes these crazy expressions all the time. I just want to munch his cheeks. He learned to roll over this week and he hates being on his stomach but put him on the floor for 2 seconds he's turning himself over.


When KD was 8 years old she made my roommate, a college student teacher cry. She is the most perceptive person I have ever met......she should be an FBI agent cause nothin' gets past this girl. To be fair...about the roommate roomate started it, by teasing what she assumed was a harmless youngster, to her surprise she was up against bigger guns. KD is my number one babysitter and my kids have always loved her. Nick and I miss her now that she's all 18 and there are better things to do than hang out with us and our crying kids. Shheeesh! Love you Catherin...with no E!

March 26, 2008

Rayce...rock starr

Rayce is the reason we decided to have another baby! I used to watch him last year during the school season because his Mommy has one of the hardest jobs in the WORLD. She's a Jr. High School Teacher!! (gasp of AWE) He was such a good boy and I had no problem running my 3 little ones all over, that we decided it was time for our permanent 3rd. I missed him when he was gone and I still do. On occasion I will just go and get him and not take him to his proper babysitter.....does that mean Im ready for the forth one????!!! Check out those eyelashes...I've just decided to call him giraffe boy...although I know right now he'd prefer Monkey.

March 25, 2008

James Jinho

James is named after his Great Grandpa James Jinho...and apparently inherited some serious grandpa eyebrows. This guy carries 100% genetic eyebrow inheritance and 50% of all his grandpas football dreams... OH and he's FINALLY registered for spring ball to the joy of his Daddy. Now...what I would give for that beauty mark and not "the potato"

The Mullins

This beautiful family is The Mullins Family from South Jordan. They are my neighbors, and see that pretty lady...she's my big sister and best friend. Nick and I built our first home in Daybreak when we moved from Hawaii 3 years ago. Shortly after we moved this Chicago family came to visit with their BRAND NEW baby girl Mia....and now look at us 3 years right next door. LOVE YOU GUYS!

Sean Kalani

Once a upon a time Sean Kalani was a small little guy...and now hes growing two inches a day...I swear! Sean just started junior high this year and is very good at math, drums, guitar hero, biking..and has just started football this spring! What a handsome young man..don't you think?


Kiki is 8. She is my little baker. On Easter she wanted an Easter dinner assignment and so she got one. I was so pleased with her beautiful cupcakes. Kiki is my oldest niece and I love her because she is so helpful with the other kids. My daughter will frequently walk around the house for hours asking when Kiki will be getting out of school ....HOURS. Summer break...where are you?

March 24, 2008

Mckay Mr. B

Mckay is the king of "ONE-LINERS". I die laughing at the things that come out of this boys mouth. He was so easy to work with and really just ate up the camera stuff. The ladies LOVE mckay!

March 23, 2008

Ryan"cutes little boy" in the free world

okay..Because I have sons...its pains me to say that this kid is quite possibly the cutest little boy in the free world. Ryan was really into his photo shoot...ehh NOT EVEN! He didn't really dig the "having to sit in one place, while a bunch of (and I mean more that 4) grown women, yelled his name and made animal noises." (Well, I'm actually the only one making animal noises...but I digress.) I knew before I even pushed the shutter button, I would LOVE these images. He has such expression in his eyes ALL the time. I'm so HAPPY/LUCKY/GRATEFUL his Mom and Dad asked me to photograph him. I LOVE YOU JOSH and TERESA!
My husband, who TOTALLY supports my photographic endeavors, mentioned to me the other day that he thinks I put up the "sad" pictures of the kids. I had to laugh when he said that ...because in this case and I guess most cases....the kids do usually have a hard time warming up, especially in a studio setting, and for sure they can be "sad". BUT... I don't believe I'm posting sad photos. What I fall in love with is the expressions. Kids are so beautiful to photograph because they are so pure and so real. They don't fake a smile..they don't try to look amazing..they just do! HOW WOULD IT BE?? I love the sincerity of there eyes and it communicates pure feeling in the image. I supposes it makes sense to all of you who know my husband anything less that a ear to ear smile is a rare occasion....its all relative I suppose! Enjoy! Look out tomorrow.. we've got MR. B...Ryan's big Brother hot off the runway..You'll see what I mean tomorrow.

March 20, 2008



March 16, 2008

Lina Fiafia

My brother Liu missed his flight to Hawaii yesterday...soooo today he stopped by with a few of his friends. We always love when Uncle Liu comes over....but today we had a special treat. One of his friends has a beautiful little girl who is just 5 days younger that our Golden. So I grabbed her and ran her downstairs to the studio to torture her with flashing lights and funny faces to make her pay for being soooo darn cute. Thanks Kalo, for letting Natalia and I steal your little angel!


Ana brought my Joni to see me. YEAH US! This girl is like sunshine.. She ran the show today. We are getting ready for her first birthday already! WE LOVE YOU ANA AND JR. Easy on the pie Jun.

March 10, 2008

Mia's Birthday..

It's our leap year baby's firts birthday! Here you go RUTH!

March 8, 2008



My little guy is 3 months already! Time flys! OKAY... soooo I borrowed my sisters Nikon for these pictures. For the most part, I've been using an decent Olympus E grade SLR, and I trade between two lenses, both zoom telephoto. I did find however that my sisters Nikon lens was much faster, more accurate AND easier to use than mine have been. SORT of shockingly easier...maybe disturbing is the word I'm really feelin'. I've been perfectly happy with my camera, and was of the opinion that any decent camera will do, once you've got some understanding of what its SUPPOSED to do...but the lens I used was a standard lens on a standard Nikon....and I think I took 2 shots, to get the ones I was happy with. Looks like I'm getting a new camera!! Happy St Patricks day to me!

March 2, 2008


Since I'm just starting this blog.... and feel really behind the movement...I will be going through some of my old work from this year and posting some of my favorite images...including info about the shot, people, location, camera, lens...hopefully its useful to someone out there just getting started. If there is any questions that you have for me specifically...just let me know and I will do my best to help! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY... the people I admire most, not just in the industry but in life are wonderful, giving people who share ideas and knowledge openly. They inspire me to be better and to give and serve more, not less! The more you give away the more you get back.....its a fact Jack! I'm always looking for new ideas, and inspiration and appreciate when others share this philosophy!


I was recently asked to shoot for Mark Burgess, a builder friend of mine. I got a little distracted by all the great detail in this house. AMAZING! I indulged on some fun wide open Depth of Field images...this is when you are able to blow out specific parts of the picture..the background details and such. It can distort your image, but it can look really interesting at the same time. The lower the aperture number or f stop the more blurred out the image background will be, leaving only selected areas in focus. Your lens will determine how extreme your shot can go. If you look at your lens you will see the aperture numbers. The smaller the number the greater the contrast possible, and also the faster the lens..(which by the way helps in low light situations, like night shooting (stating the obvious, sorry), churches, reception halls. So remember the lower the aperture or f stop (e.g. f2.5) the more of the background will be out of focus.

March 1, 2008


Savani is a long time friend of ours.
Shes actually my best friends sister-
in-law now.. so practically family.
Her bridals were shot late on a Summer
afternoon in Provo Canyon. Utah
can get really hot in July. This girl
was a natural! Congrats David and


This is sweet little Kasia, one of our beautiful sweethaven models. She was just turning 1yr when we got this shot. One of my favorite of the catalog.. speaking of SWEETHAVEN..
THESWEETHAVEN.COM is almost complete! YEAHHH! We should be up and running with in the next week or two. Keep in mind we are just getting things in working order so there will be a far better selection in the coming months. We are proud of what we have put together and know that it is a beautiful quality product (Thanks to Bronwyn), at a great affordable price! Feel free to e-mail me for coupon codes! For those of you who are not familiar with our company ... THESWEETHAVEN.COM is our on-line store for beautiful custom designed hair accessories. We have had long standing requests to make these products available via Internet. PROVECHO! Please also feel free to email Bronwyn at thesweethaven@gmail