March 16, 2008


Ana brought my Joni to see me. YEAH US! This girl is like sunshine.. She ran the show today. We are getting ready for her first birthday already! WE LOVE YOU ANA AND JR. Easy on the pie Jun.

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kanaboke said...

You don't know me (my name is Ardis and I found your link on Natalee Webb Photgraphy's Blogspot), but I totally know this little Ray of Sunshine!!! (I wondered who took her invitation pics....) We live in Logan and have gotten to know Ana, Junior, Joni, and her new lil bro. Gosh, you take beautiful pictures!! I have a Nikon D50 (already wanting a newer Nikon, btw) and need to learn how to use you teach classes by chance? If you do, or know of any good books/websites I should check out, pleeease don't hesitate to "share the joy" email addy is Memories are made more permanent, beautiful, and vivid with photographers like you in the world!