March 2, 2008


I was recently asked to shoot for Mark Burgess, a builder friend of mine. I got a little distracted by all the great detail in this house. AMAZING! I indulged on some fun wide open Depth of Field images...this is when you are able to blow out specific parts of the picture..the background details and such. It can distort your image, but it can look really interesting at the same time. The lower the aperture number or f stop the more blurred out the image background will be, leaving only selected areas in focus. Your lens will determine how extreme your shot can go. If you look at your lens you will see the aperture numbers. The smaller the number the greater the contrast possible, and also the faster the lens..(which by the way helps in low light situations, like night shooting (stating the obvious, sorry), churches, reception halls. So remember the lower the aperture or f stop (e.g. f2.5) the more of the background will be out of focus.

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