March 29, 2008


When KD was 8 years old she made my roommate, a college student teacher cry. She is the most perceptive person I have ever met......she should be an FBI agent cause nothin' gets past this girl. To be fair...about the roommate roomate started it, by teasing what she assumed was a harmless youngster, to her surprise she was up against bigger guns. KD is my number one babysitter and my kids have always loved her. Nick and I miss her now that she's all 18 and there are better things to do than hang out with us and our crying kids. Shheeesh! Love you Catherin...with no E!


Ruthie-2 said...

Look at this sexy girl... These are the nicest pic of her yet... Great job.

I think I actually saw a paper at dad's house showing where they fixed the e...Ha

Naomi Masina said...

Ha Ha...Where? Well she thinks she looks like a Geisha...and I don't know if she thought that was good or bad.

Ruthie-2 said...

Ha..I love Geishas so works for me.

Anonymous said...

i said she looks like miyana and that didn't go well cuz she said, "i don't want to look like anyone. i just want to look like me".
good one. i will stop relating her facial features and expressions to anyone famous or related to us:)

love ya kd,
jaymi t