March 16, 2008

Lina Fiafia

My brother Liu missed his flight to Hawaii yesterday...soooo today he stopped by with a few of his friends. We always love when Uncle Liu comes over....but today we had a special treat. One of his friends has a beautiful little girl who is just 5 days younger that our Golden. So I grabbed her and ran her downstairs to the studio to torture her with flashing lights and funny faces to make her pay for being soooo darn cute. Thanks Kalo, for letting Natalia and I steal your little angel!


Anonymous said...

You did such a beautiful job with my grand daughters pictures. She looks like a one of them cute lil ones on the baby magazines. My daughter came home and was so excited and bragged about the pictures that the whole entire family jumped on to see her pictures. Beautiful job!

OMI said...

Thank you! She really is such a pretty little girl! I will give Liu the disc of photos so he can get them to Kalo!

NONU6 said...

You are a natural at photographing children! I love it!
And you have a studio downstairs... hmm, can I say JEALOUS! :)