March 8, 2008



My little guy is 3 months already! Time flys! OKAY... soooo I borrowed my sisters Nikon for these pictures. For the most part, I've been using an decent Olympus E grade SLR, and I trade between two lenses, both zoom telephoto. I did find however that my sisters Nikon lens was much faster, more accurate AND easier to use than mine have been. SORT of shockingly easier...maybe disturbing is the word I'm really feelin'. I've been perfectly happy with my camera, and was of the opinion that any decent camera will do, once you've got some understanding of what its SUPPOSED to do...but the lens I used was a standard lens on a standard Nikon....and I think I took 2 shots, to get the ones I was happy with. Looks like I'm getting a new camera!! Happy St Patricks day to me!


Natalie. said...

I felt that same thing the other day when I took one stinkin' shot with my friend's Canon!! But, I still maintain that it's not the equipment it's the photographer.

OMI said...

I Agree...but camera envy is such a stinkin' temptation! Thanks for the support!

OMI said...
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