March 1, 2008


This is sweet little Kasia, one of our beautiful sweethaven models. She was just turning 1yr when we got this shot. One of my favorite of the catalog.. speaking of SWEETHAVEN..
THESWEETHAVEN.COM is almost complete! YEAHHH! We should be up and running with in the next week or two. Keep in mind we are just getting things in working order so there will be a far better selection in the coming months. We are proud of what we have put together and know that it is a beautiful quality product (Thanks to Bronwyn), at a great affordable price! Feel free to e-mail me for coupon codes! For those of you who are not familiar with our company ... THESWEETHAVEN.COM is our on-line store for beautiful custom designed hair accessories. We have had long standing requests to make these products available via Internet. PROVECHO! Please also feel free to email Bronwyn at thesweethaven@gmail

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