March 23, 2008

Ryan"cutes little boy" in the free world

okay..Because I have sons...its pains me to say that this kid is quite possibly the cutest little boy in the free world. Ryan was really into his photo shoot...ehh NOT EVEN! He didn't really dig the "having to sit in one place, while a bunch of (and I mean more that 4) grown women, yelled his name and made animal noises." (Well, I'm actually the only one making animal noises...but I digress.) I knew before I even pushed the shutter button, I would LOVE these images. He has such expression in his eyes ALL the time. I'm so HAPPY/LUCKY/GRATEFUL his Mom and Dad asked me to photograph him. I LOVE YOU JOSH and TERESA!
My husband, who TOTALLY supports my photographic endeavors, mentioned to me the other day that he thinks I put up the "sad" pictures of the kids. I had to laugh when he said that ...because in this case and I guess most cases....the kids do usually have a hard time warming up, especially in a studio setting, and for sure they can be "sad". BUT... I don't believe I'm posting sad photos. What I fall in love with is the expressions. Kids are so beautiful to photograph because they are so pure and so real. They don't fake a smile..they don't try to look amazing..they just do! HOW WOULD IT BE?? I love the sincerity of there eyes and it communicates pure feeling in the image. I supposes it makes sense to all of you who know my husband anything less that a ear to ear smile is a rare occasion....its all relative I suppose! Enjoy! Look out tomorrow.. we've got MR. B...Ryan's big Brother hot off the runway..You'll see what I mean tomorrow.


K-C Tohara said...

Oh!!! how cute! Those eyes and lips! Heartbreaker! :)


Chgo Dave said...

He is such a doll...can't wait to see what baby sister is going to look like. What a model.


OMI said...

Yeah...not fair that a boy would get all the good stuff like eyelashes and lips....sigh

Josh and Teresa said...

There are no words for this one...hes my beautiful baby! What an amazing picture!!

Hali said...

He is growing TOO fast!! I dont see him enough! He is Gorgeous!!