March 2, 2008


Since I'm just starting this blog.... and feel really behind the movement...I will be going through some of my old work from this year and posting some of my favorite images...including info about the shot, people, location, camera, lens...hopefully its useful to someone out there just getting started. If there is any questions that you have for me specifically...just let me know and I will do my best to help! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY... the people I admire most, not just in the industry but in life are wonderful, giving people who share ideas and knowledge openly. They inspire me to be better and to give and serve more, not less! The more you give away the more you get back.....its a fact Jack! I'm always looking for new ideas, and inspiration and appreciate when others share this philosophy!

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Unknown said...

Aloha Naomi,

I saw your bulletin on MySpace and was so excited to see your blog. I'm hoping to get a small photography business going eventually. We just found out that we're expecting number 3 in October. I'm hoping to build up my portfolio between now and October. I'll probably have to put the photo business on hold when the baby comes. I'm doing photoshoots here and there but not a whole lot yet. There are some really awesome photography DSLR and photoshop classes at UVSC taught by Brian Nivin. I'm hoping to learn more this fall by taking a few of his classes. I look forward to seeing more of your work. You're so talented.