March 29, 2008


This photo had me crakin' up. Because the exposure quality of this photo of Golden wasn't too hot, I think I must have just filed it away on my computer. I was looking for a file tonight and I found it....I love that fat little face. He makes these crazy expressions all the time. I just want to munch his cheeks. He learned to roll over this week and he hates being on his stomach but put him on the floor for 2 seconds he's turning himself over.


Carrie Drake said...

Omi!!! I didn't know you did photography. You're good! I miss you. Thanks for letting me know about your blog. Mine is

Nichols Family said...

Your beautiful family has grown! Love your blog. Here's 2 sites that have good backgrounds for free. I got mine from cutestblogontheblock.

The Tavita Family said...

haha...cute picture!