April 25, 2008


Gill, Eric, and Nick...Between Session Classes
Stan Havili, Alema Harrington, and Leroy Teo (aka) Big Buddah
Key note speaker...Alema Harrington. Before he spoke..this is what I was thinking "what a nice suit....I should get a picture of him with Irene....I wonder how in the world is THIS guy going to connect with THESE kids.." I was happily surprised! He was great and soooo down to earth, and truly.. charisma is a Gift, when you got it you got it.
Anapesi Kaili taught an amazing class on how to be successful and "keep your culture" I LOVED it. I think I've been out of the school setting for too long, because I couldn't stop commenting. I was thinking..."somebody shut my mouth please...omi..don't raise your hand...OH NO...here I go again" ..it looked like I was tryn' to teach that class...MOVE ovah Lady.. I got some more to say! It's no longer a secret that I'm a closet Professional Student. I would still be getting degrees and taking classes if I didn't have my Little Bubbs around to keep all my braincells firing and all my hands full for that matter. I love learning in any setting, but I really really really like tests and note taking, and reports and READING...and I'm pretty dang competitive..or maybe it's like this...I'm really competitive so I really really really like tests... Well whatever. You get the idea

My wonderful Husband, Nick is one of 8 founding chair members of the P.A.L.E. foundation. It's a non-profit org. that focuses on Parental involvement and awareness of the educational pursuits of the Polynesian youth in our communities. It's been pretty miraculous to witness the amazing things these great leaders have been able to accomplish...and even more amazing is what they are going to achieve. The leadership and character that directs this organization is truly gifted and the relationships are a blessing to our family as well as the parents and youth P.A.L.E strives to serve. These pictures are from the launch even in February. I LOVE MY AMAZING HUSBAND. He's my HERO!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYDER...It's been a busy week for all of us.  My boy is going to be a Sunbeam.  Time goes so fast.  I swear Haven was a baby FOREVVVVER... and Ryder was a big boy in maybe 2.5 days.  As most of you know I graduated with a degree in Psychology, and I tell ya.....endless source of information relating to the "whys" of life...  Remember when a year took SOOOOOO long to pass?  Now, it's like I blink my eyes and it's Christmas time AGAIN and my little guy is already 3.  (heres where the psychology mumbo jumbo comes in)  This is because we use our own life span as a reference .  When you are 4 years old one year is a quarter of your life.  When you are 31 years young (Who's 31?), 8 years is a quarter of you life.  Days are ridiculously short.  I feel like I'm always waking up and putting the kids to sleep.   Thats my day.  I love you little Foxxy.  I hope you stay little for a long time!

April 18, 2008

I wanted to thank my Friend/Wonderful Mission Companion Valery Gines for putting together our Mission Blog.  Since it went up I  have had so many people from our Mission contact me.  I still think about so many of you and I'm telling you... it feels like yesterday.  I LOVE YOU ALL!  Thank you for visiting my blog. 
Our little family has grown.  I have a GINORMOUS 5 month old son.  We named him Golden....My Dad frequently told me that the third child is your "Golden" child.  Nick and I took it literally.  (Can you guess where I fall in the birth order...hee hee..SO SOLLY my dear older brother and sister).  He's beautiful, and when he smiles..there is nothing like it.

This little rascal is my Ryder.  He has his Daddy's sense of humor and makes me laugh all the time.  I'm blessed to be a stay at home mom, and Ryder provides endless entertainment to our crazy schedule.  
This is our Haven.  She is our Sunshine.  She loves to help with cleaning, and the babies and apparently likes to stay up real late with Mommy....because we are on our 3rd bedroom delivery tonight.  
We are in Utah now, and we just finished our new home right down the street from the new temple.  I have a blessed life.  I have a wonderful Husband and wonderful children.  I have been truly given everything I've ever hoped for.  Thank you again for stopping by and please come back often

April 17, 2008


This is my main man Capone Bryant! The first time I saw Capone as a baby..I thought, "this is a perfect baby". He was so beautiful, and not the beautiful that ALL babies are, but perfect skin, nice round head, no swelling, nice color, special from heaven beautiful. Now three plus years later, I got the same feeling when I was looking through my camera lens at this handsome boy. He's been with us for a week now, and the kids are all peas in a pod...the only exception to that is when they are all fighting, screaming, trying to ride the same bike, wanting the same color plate, squished next to each other in the car and trying sleep in the same bed. I LOVE YOU PONE BOY. Everyone loves you so much!

April 15, 2008


This Lotus Buddha sits in the Byodo-In Temple, in Kahalu'u, Hawaii. The temple itself is an exact replica of a temple in Uji, Japan, and the Lotus Buddha is the largest wooden carved Buddha in over 900 years. This temple was built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first Japanese immigrants who came to work the Hawaiian plantations. This is also where my Great Grandfather and Grandmother's ashes are at rest. Whenever we go back to Hawaii, we always stop by to pay respect to our Grandparents. It such an amazing place. The Ko'olau mountains have to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. Nick is convinced that King Kong (the original) was filmed there...and I don't know about that, but it does feel very movie magical. This specific photo was taken on the trip I took with my Dad last year. It was the first time in nearly 20 years we had been to the temple together. I never new my Great Grandfather and although my Grandmother lived to be over 100 years old the only memories I have of them have been handed down through my Dads wonderful stories of his life with them. Thanks Dad.

April 9, 2008


This is my husbands cousin and his Moms sister. I was casually asked to take some shots while at their reception a few weeks ago. Lighting was a challenge for me, but because it wasn't an "official job" I tried not to stress too much. I had to really raise my ISO to compensate for the lack of light....which can create a grainy texture to the images. I Kept putting off my editing of the pictures....mostly because I was worried I wouldn't be happy with the outcome. In the end I really loved some of the pictures. I enhanced the grain with photoshop, and just tweaked the lighting. Digital photography is nice that way and its fun to let your challenges push you to try things you wouldn't normaly try. SO lesson learned is....try not to get hung up on the anticipated outcome. If things don't turn out the way you really wanted spend your energy thinking of solutions and positive outcomes!

April 8, 2008


Jaymi is getting ready to graduate from UVSC....in Geological Land Science. Just Kidding, I made that up...bet you could't tell. Actually, I don't remember what she's graduating in. I just know she wanted to study agriculture but didn't want to move to Utah State. So she ended up at UVSC close to her family! I was laughing so hard during her shoot. She kept telling the funniest stories about their latest trip to Las Vegas..and making her fake laughs. I had to take a break from the shoot because I was laughing too much. THANKS JAYM. I LOVE YA!

April 5, 2008


It wasn't until I was putting together Rita's photo file that I realized her last name and first name match perfectly (and no, her first name is not really Bonita,,even though she really is.)
This is the most chill, calm, wonderful little girl ever. We went out to eat with Rita and her BIG family last weekend and she just kicked back in her car seat for the few short (and by short I mean LOOONNNG) hours we all visited at the restaurant. Now, while to some that may not seem impressive, talk to anyone who has a "not chill restaurant sitting child" and they will set you straight.
She was super easy to work with, such a happy and pretty girl...and even let her mom change her clothes a couple of times...NO Diva in this "Americas Next Top Model." Thank you Serafi and Gill, for everything. We love you both!