April 5, 2008


It wasn't until I was putting together Rita's photo file that I realized her last name and first name match perfectly (and no, her first name is not really Bonita,,even though she really is.)
This is the most chill, calm, wonderful little girl ever. We went out to eat with Rita and her BIG family last weekend and she just kicked back in her car seat for the few short (and by short I mean LOOONNNG) hours we all visited at the restaurant. Now, while to some that may not seem impressive, talk to anyone who has a "not chill restaurant sitting child" and they will set you straight.
She was super easy to work with, such a happy and pretty girl...and even let her mom change her clothes a couple of times...NO Diva in this "Americas Next Top Model." Thank you Serafi and Gill, for everything. We love you both!

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The Tavita Family said...

Hey Omi....you did such a wonderful job with Rita's pics! Love them. Anyway, I wanted to see if I could schedule an appointment for Tui's fiance Teresa...she wants to have her bridals done. Her dress won't be complete until the end of June, however, the wedding is July 19th.