April 25, 2008


Gill, Eric, and Nick...Between Session Classes
Stan Havili, Alema Harrington, and Leroy Teo (aka) Big Buddah
Key note speaker...Alema Harrington. Before he spoke..this is what I was thinking "what a nice suit....I should get a picture of him with Irene....I wonder how in the world is THIS guy going to connect with THESE kids.." I was happily surprised! He was great and soooo down to earth, and truly.. charisma is a Gift, when you got it you got it.
Anapesi Kaili taught an amazing class on how to be successful and "keep your culture" I LOVED it. I think I've been out of the school setting for too long, because I couldn't stop commenting. I was thinking..."somebody shut my mouth please...omi..don't raise your hand...OH NO...here I go again" ..it looked like I was tryn' to teach that class...MOVE ovah Lady.. I got some more to say! It's no longer a secret that I'm a closet Professional Student. I would still be getting degrees and taking classes if I didn't have my Little Bubbs around to keep all my braincells firing and all my hands full for that matter. I love learning in any setting, but I really really really like tests and note taking, and reports and READING...and I'm pretty dang competitive..or maybe it's like this...I'm really competitive so I really really really like tests... Well whatever. You get the idea

My wonderful Husband, Nick is one of 8 founding chair members of the P.A.L.E. foundation. It's a non-profit org. that focuses on Parental involvement and awareness of the educational pursuits of the Polynesian youth in our communities. It's been pretty miraculous to witness the amazing things these great leaders have been able to accomplish...and even more amazing is what they are going to achieve. The leadership and character that directs this organization is truly gifted and the relationships are a blessing to our family as well as the parents and youth P.A.L.E strives to serve. These pictures are from the launch even in February. I LOVE MY AMAZING HUSBAND. He's my HERO!

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