May 31, 2008


Does anyone know how I can get my Pix's larger?  I have seen some photo blogs get way bigger pictures than what I'm getting.  I have clicked the "large" image icon when I'm uploading, but they always come out the same size?  Help?

Beautiful Bella, went for round II this morning.  We did better coping and dealing with the up and downs and she did better too.  She sort of half way slept through the whole session.  Not quite sleeping and not quite awake....there was a lot of eyeball rolling, and stretching.  I have more to post tonight.  Nick and I are going to a concert tonight!  The Mana Poly All-Star's!  FUN!  I'm so feeling like sleeping, but its going to be fun to see friends and family tonight!


These are some of the designs I've been working on for my new website.  I stay up into the weee hours of the morning, trying to create the look I want.  I like them, but who knows, I might be really embarrassed in a few weeks...this is one of the watermarks.
I have decided to go with OMIPHOTO.COM and OMIPHOTO.BLOG.  Growing up I always could differentiate friends from acquaintances by, what they called me.  To family I was always Omi, so close friends always knew me as Omi.   In school and other formal situations.....and a few years of teenage angst....I tried to loose the Omi thing, but to no avail.  I am still Omi...or Oms or O..(seems to get shorter and shorter.)  Conceptually, I want my clients to truly think of me as a friend, so it makes sense.  It's original, it's available (website url) and I think I can really brand with a it.  BUT CHECK IT OUT!!  I posted these up, because in true Omi fashion.....I've got a spelling error.  I spend hours on design..but you think I can get through with out misspelling made me laugh, so I thought I'd share with you.  FYI..I often misspell photograper...I think it's my typing.  I hope it's my typing.

 YEAH.....did it again.  SHHEEESH!  Go to school already!  This is the Web layout.

 Blog water mark...another one...  Well, I'd love some feed back or any ideas would help.  and I'm not talking about ENGLISH classes or a Spelling test, thank you very much!  And if my Brother wants to say something like....."Your blog looks like crap, fix it."  I should kindly like him to remember to package it in something nicer....Like....Soooo By the way I was looking at your blog and I though that ......blah blah blah.  that'd be great!   LOVE YOU KEL!

One for the weekend

I know I already Posted from this shoot...but I couldn't help myself.  I was organizing my pix.... and these just made me smile.  ENJOY!

May 30, 2008

Breaking Dawn...

This book needs no introduction...only half the female world population and 25% of the male inhabitants of earth have been waiting for this Novel.  I, for one...have timed my summer and my winter season in accordance.  It goes as follows...Summer Over = Book Release.  I can bear to say goodbye to my pool days ONLY because of said event.  Winter = Twilight Movie.  Seriously, I'm only like 3 weeks out of recovery (meaning I've stopped thinking about the Cullen's during random chores, driving in my car, and during prayer , but mind you I'm only a few days out, so anything could  send me back into a tailspin.   Soooo I have a total issue with the first chapter.  I swear if Bella Swan continues to be such a whiny, ungrateful, little crybaby in this book, we might just be OVER!  I was in sort of a bad mood after I read the sneak peek, just thinking about the future of my Fork's friends.  I've been thinking of what would be worse than reading about Bella's dislike for, her NEW CAR, her Perfect Fiance..who just wants to make an honest women out of her before she insist he takes her Eternal Soul, or could it be her Ivy League schooling, Orrrr JACOB BLACK...grrr...and really I can't think of too much.  No, no... I do like Jacob, when he's not being and acting like Jacob.  I'm aware that some people prefer Jacob to Edward.....but whatever....I just can't wrap my head around that one.  It's like preferring Wickham to Darcy... or Willaby to Colonel Brandon...or my Husband to anyone I ever dated. my sisters and I have a past time of analyzing the cover of the books as to discern the deeper, and related meaning (yes ,yes..we are all reader geeks.)  I see a "king" theme in brea"king", plus a white "king piece"...WAIT a minute that is the QUEEN piece...a red pon....chess board... I want to hear all your ideas about his one!!  So now that the important stuffs been covered today...I can get back to the grind!  Why is my text underlined??  anyone?? someone?

May 29, 2008


Nick and I took the kids on a walk the other day and we passed this amazing purple ground covering.  I was in love and I knew who my lab rat was going to be.  Thats what little sisters are for.  RIGHT?  

Because Utah winter weather is not conducive to outdoor photography or anything for that matter,(at least in my opinion....) I really focused on studio lighting and shooting this year.  It was great because I could build my skill and still shoot whenever my trigger finger got itchy.....but really....there is nothing like shooting outside.  WOW!  I'm so in love with this little patch of purple up the street from our house.  I was checking it everyday, because I was afraid it would be gone before I could photograph in it.  I'm always on the look out for interesting backdrops and scenery these days...its like a treasure hunt!  I love it when Nick drives and I can just search the horizon for my next shoot.  I have to say we live in the most beautiful neighborhood....we've got a lake, streams, grass, bridges, stairs, and parks in a 2 mile radius.  All super great for interesting pixs. 

Doesn't she look lovely?!  I made her lay down right in the middle of the patch and just so you looked pretty, but smelled like stink!   Isn't it great that photography is for the eyes and not the nose?!  I love my sisters!  They all are so accommodating and supportive of my love for this gig!  KD is in hair school now, and she asked me to highlight her hair...which I've always done but this time I got real coaching and I was worse than usual. Funny how that happens.   I don't think she was happy with the results, but I FREAKIN'  L-O-V-E how it looks with the purple.  Sooo at least we got some nice photos out of a bad dye job! 

I'm redesigning all of my logos and working everything over to get ready for my website...I'm excited but we still haven't got THE SWEET HAVEN I'm aware things take time.  So keep a look out and wish me luck!

May 23, 2008


Lisi is graduating in a few weeks...and let me tell you, if she needs a summer job...Modeling is a definite possibility.  This was quick as a breeze and fun.  I love Lisi's family very much and am so happy to see that she has grown up to be a beautiful, thoughtful, smart young woman.  I have to say that when I meet such great youth it makes me happy and hopeful for our futures.  Really, I know this year hasn't been easy on you Lis, but choose the right things, and the right friends, and you will always be happy!  Good luck and enjoy your day!!

May 21, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posting this week, we are contagiouse and out of commison. Sunday was Haven's birthday and we had a splendid Saturday morning, followed with fireworks and a lot of throwing up. James was the party killer when in "Stand By Me" fashion, let the "cat out of the bag" so to speak, in the middle of out park pow wow. Haven came online about 2am-6am pretty much non stop. I've never been so greatful for a large washing machine in my life. We've been laying low because whatever this is going around is making its way slowly through our family. I've been the most recent victim.... and since Nick never gets sick...I hope this is where is ends. I will get back to my better blogging self once I'm rested. Peace!

May 14, 2008


I have been dying to photograph a newborn.  You can ask this beauty's Mom and Dad....I must call every night..(sorry guys).  I have had no experience with this type of photography and I have been looking forward the lesson.  ANNNDDD... let me tell you it skooled kicked my butt, sent me to summer skool, and then held me back a grade.
I've been thinking about this for months now and this experience is the perfect scenario for what routinely goes through my head.  I love photography....with every fiber in my secret bran muffin mix.   Something in how it feels, to see life through my lens, to make something beautiful and permanent really drives me, every single day.. to keep learning, keep TRYING to become a better photographer.  Those of you who know me well, know that I am a selective perfectionist...meaning for some reason there are certain things that I am really nit picky, OCD critical about.  Really, I'm a totally chill madre other wise , with the exception on about 5 being one of them.  Really sometimes I will be crazy critical with some picture I'm trying to edit... while my children are sleeping in what they woke up in, be it a monkey costume or pirate suit.  So on this looooooong road to impossible perfection I will edit a shoot and get a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart when I look at something that I produced...and I will show my Husband and I will think to myself....Hmmp..I'm pretty darn good arn't I?  Then after a night like tonight.... after my edumacation in newborn posing, lighting, peeing, pooing, crying... and for the love of her mother let the child go home, I thought..Dude...I totally suck at photography!  But alas, I will arise tomorrow with camera in had ready to take on many other newborns and redeem myself!  High Hooo Silver...!

May 13, 2008

"The Joiners"

The Joiners used to live by us, once upon a time.  They came to town just so that I could photograph the little ones.....what a compliment.  Oh...and to visit family, but we really know it was for me.  I love you guys!  What I love the most about photographing kids is asking them questions to get them to open up...and then saying crazy things in reponse to what they told me to get a genuine expression out of them.  These things sometimes involve boogers and it's funny to me at least.  These guys think I'm crazy now, I'm sure, but look how well they photograph!  Please come back anytime!!! and by that I mean soon...soooooner than 12-12-08

UP and COMING...

I was honored to photograph this lovely lady for her debut into Journalistic Society.  And if there is no such thing as a Journalistic Society...well then I will create one and make her the president, as to ensure this picture is for her "debut" in said society.  She co-authored a short story "The Party Crashers" due out May 23rd.  She will be hustlin' her mad writing skills in Baltimore, and in Denver in the next few months to see if she can get her book published!  AND SHE WILL.  She is the next Stephanie Meyer!  Congrats Christy!  
On a side note of related novilist info....I watched "Becoming Jane" last night.  It was really good.  I guess I'd only hoped that Jane Austen's life was a happily ended as her stories.  I am such a CRAZY, HUMONGO fan of her work.  I had a hard time watching the story because I couldn't stop trying to figure out "who"  in her real life was "who" in her stories.  My poor husband was confused because he wasn't sure if this was "fiction or real life" even though I told him a few times if was "real life."   This is due to the fact that he has been tortured...I mean "enriched" with years and years of watching Pride and Prejudice, and such movies over and over  and over again and then over one more time, and  really, her life "playes out" like a sadder version of a Jane Austen novel.  The only thing he said when it ended was... "well..that sucked."  me: "What?!"  him:"I don't like the way it ended...that's not how her stories end." me:(thinking its funny he even knows how her stories end) "Well it's real life I guess...and that's why she always ended her books so lovely" him: " Well that sucked"--- The End.   
Tonight we took all the kids to see Speed Racer.  I actually liked it but was told by a reliable source that we would see the "Twilight" trailer before the Speed Racer movie started.  We didn't see it and I was disappointed but here it is if anyone else wants to see it....I just wanted to see it on the big screen and wanted to see if Nick would realize what movie it is because similar to his tolerance to Jane Austen books I gave him nightly run downs on Bella and Edward.  They even came on or anniversary with us this year.  He's familiar lets put it that way.  I'm pretty sure I won't like the movie because I love the books, and it has been a sad truth that those worlds don't mesh very well.   I will post the other sessions I did this weekend in the morning.....Promise Hali....take a breath..Okay I'll do one sneek preview for you!   

May 7, 2008

It's a rainy day...

Today the kids can't go outside and's raining and I don't like biking in the rain and although I think my kids would, it's pretty cold and I'd end up hauling the three of them home ALL CRYING...Then I would be crying. It's hard to be indoors all day and the kids were so bored they fell asleep. (which I LOVE... ahhh the silence) While the older kids had a little happy nappy time, I was able to (with the help of my AWESOME sister) play in the studio for a bit. Don't you love him?? Reealllly how could anyone not love this guy?! He let me know when he was done...I wonder what picture that is?? and then he went to sleep and I'm just sitting in the quite thinking about cleaning...but not really planning on it.
Last night we purchased our new car seats for the kids. They will not stay put in those lame booster seats and for my sanity sake I just decided to get 5 point harness seats for the older kids. If I had to yell "you better sit down right now or else Miss Hanagan will come and get you..." I was going to turn myself over to the likes of said Hanagan.

I convinced Ryder that his carseat was a "Transformer seat" and like magic...he now crys when he has to get out of it. And well...Haven's was just so pretty she was happy to get into hers....The law is 8 years old or 80lbs? Sooo I've decided that that is how the government is trying to stimulate the economy. They passed laws that make any persons with 3 or more kids by an SUV type car to fit their children/carseats for 8 more years. Well anyway I'm glad it's done and they are safer. I watched this slide show on YouTube that had me in tears... nuff said.

When Haven was a baby she'd sound like she was dying EVERY TIME she was in her seat.... it was craziness. Not proud of it but, my husband actually invented the "Brittney Spears." I'm sure when her driving with baby on her lap was... all over the news there were a few people in Laie wondering what her connection to us was. Haven didn't cry it out...or quiet down after a while, she'd scream till she passed out ( I swear) then wake up a second later for round two. I really didn't go anywhere that I didn't absolutly have to go in those days. Till this day, I don't like to go to the store or shopping with the kids. I'm not saying that other people like to take their kids....but I get knots in my stomach and break into cold sweats when I think I have to go shopping with them. I sometimes live off of saltine crackers and tuna to avoid a trip...true story. Things are much better now...I faithfully pray for "car seat babies" when I'm pregnant...also true story. Have a great day everyone!!

May 5, 2008


I'm so lovin' these images from my last maternity shoot.  I cleared these pictures with the owner of this fine tuned machine before I posted a face to this beautiful belly ...with that said, I had so much fun and She looked sooo wonderful that..yes
I... even I thought about how FUN?@!#$% it is to be pregnant?  Oh yeah...but then I remembered I don't look so good 9 months pregnant...noo not so much.  3 days to go T!!  Can't wait till our little Bella is here!!