May 29, 2008


Nick and I took the kids on a walk the other day and we passed this amazing purple ground covering.  I was in love and I knew who my lab rat was going to be.  Thats what little sisters are for.  RIGHT?  

Because Utah winter weather is not conducive to outdoor photography or anything for that matter,(at least in my opinion....) I really focused on studio lighting and shooting this year.  It was great because I could build my skill and still shoot whenever my trigger finger got itchy.....but really....there is nothing like shooting outside.  WOW!  I'm so in love with this little patch of purple up the street from our house.  I was checking it everyday, because I was afraid it would be gone before I could photograph in it.  I'm always on the look out for interesting backdrops and scenery these days...its like a treasure hunt!  I love it when Nick drives and I can just search the horizon for my next shoot.  I have to say we live in the most beautiful neighborhood....we've got a lake, streams, grass, bridges, stairs, and parks in a 2 mile radius.  All super great for interesting pixs. 

Doesn't she look lovely?!  I made her lay down right in the middle of the patch and just so you looked pretty, but smelled like stink!   Isn't it great that photography is for the eyes and not the nose?!  I love my sisters!  They all are so accommodating and supportive of my love for this gig!  KD is in hair school now, and she asked me to highlight her hair...which I've always done but this time I got real coaching and I was worse than usual. Funny how that happens.   I don't think she was happy with the results, but I FREAKIN'  L-O-V-E how it looks with the purple.  Sooo at least we got some nice photos out of a bad dye job! 

I'm redesigning all of my logos and working everything over to get ready for my website...I'm excited but we still haven't got THE SWEET HAVEN I'm aware things take time.  So keep a look out and wish me luck!


Chgo Dave said...

Wow this one turned out beautiful. I knew it would but it is always nice to actually see the results come out even better then expected. I am so glad you were able to catch the flowers before they were gone. Daybreak should be proud as to how pretty you make it look.

Hali said...

Wow, these pictures are amazing. YOU are amazing. And I personally like th dye job!!
Love you!!

NONU6 said...

Great job Omi! You are excellent at lighting!

Anonymous said...

Your sister is beautiful just like the rest of you! Beautiful pics Omi! You've obviously got REAL talent...Carl says he'll even LET you take modeling pics of him now...LOL ;-)

Anonymous said... the Men of Hawaii calendar idea...And if Foodland won't sell them, there's always the Dollar Store! ;-)

Tohara Mama said...

Omi, the pictures are gorgeous! It's truly amazing what your family is willing to suffer throuh for your art--and they do because the resultss are always worth it. I kinda have to chuckle because after I read the comments, I went back and looked at KD's expressions: The first two are smiling; then she's not smiling; then her eyes are closed--is she dead? :)

Love ya,
Tohara Mama

K-C Tohara said...

Great pics Omi. Katie looks beautiful!

Nichols Family said...

Wow. That last picture is amazing! While we're on the subject of OmiPhotograp.y I don't think I'll have any spare time while we're in Utah to get our pictures taken... basically we'll be doing wedding stuff the WHOLE 2 1/2 days we're there. sigh. I'm sorry. Do you hate me now? You do, don't you? I can feel it through the screen. Dang girl. Simmer down!