June 30, 2008

Has anyone ever died of cottonmouth?

I've been pretty sick this weekend. I decided to just relax and take a break from shooting and editing...and blogging until I started feeling better. I woke up in the middle of the night and honestly the first thing that came to my mind was " I wonder is anyone has ever died of cottonmouth?" At 3:00am I was pretty sure that it was possible for someone to succumb to the horror that is cottonmouth. Here is a preview of a shoot I had last weekend with 3 pretty little girls. I had to post this, because to me... dirty, scratched, chipped nailed, feet are the epitome of summer.

June 23, 2008

"OUR" Mckay Tohara

Little Mckay calls my Dad, "Grandpa." He is absolutely required to be present at Christmas time, and we always have a cake for him on his birthday. He is "OUR" Mckay. In every way he is part of our family.....well.. with one exception, Genetically. The other Sunday the kids were running around my house and my Dad said, in a voice of melancholy "It will be one of the saddest day's in Mckay's life will be when he realizes he's not blood related to us." I had to laugh, not because it's such a huge deal to be blood in our family, but I know coming from my Dad the translation is personal. When my Dad grew up he had a similar experience with my Grandfather's best friend Mac Sewaki. It's spoke volumes of how much he loves Mckay, by anticipating a similar reaction. Uncle Mac was family, just like Mckay and his siblings are our family, genes or NOT. By the way...with moves like these...he's got to be related.

June 21, 2008

Little Amelia

This beautiful little angel is the daughter of Heather and Rob. She was born very small and very early. I think her weight was around 2 lbs. Forgive me if that's not right, I just know it was a miracle and 11 months later she's such a beauty! I met Heather through my sister and we clicked instantly! We were both expecting near the same time, so this little family's strength and courage helped me keep positive during those not so enjoyable, last months of pregnancy! What a little miracle


It's Ryaroo..AGAIN! What can I say. I can't help myself.


I can't even tell you how late it is because my eyes are so tired my vision is blurry. My littlest Bub is teething and keeps waking up with a fever. I've given up any hope of sleep and continue to EDIT, EDIT, EDIT. Tonight, we, as a family went to our neighborhood Luau. They skipped the food this year, which I really don't mind.....we made our own grinds this year. We got too much expertise in the food area to appreciate "LUAU" catering, but I will give them props. It's a big event and it is always done well. 

Now..typically in our home, Friday night is our date night...and Nick guards it like the Holy Grail, seriously it's practically sacred. I make as much effort as I can to comply with this regulation night, because if I don't....well, I have to hear about it for 7 more days. It goes something like this.
Me: Hon, can you pick up some bread before you go to work?
Nick: Well, I would but we didn't get to go out last night
Me: Could you save me some Ice Cream? (Ice Cream is capitalized in our family...sort of like a Holiday or a FRIDAY)
Nick: Well, I would but we didn't get to go out on Friday.
Me: Nick, can you find the baby's binky?
Nick: I can't, we didn't get date night.
Laugh if you like.....but true story....the Universe is out of line, if Friday goes by and no DATE.  I tease, but it's one of the things I love about him.  I'd like to think it's because he can't live with out some individual, one on one time with me..being his extra right arm, leg, and bestfriend.   It starts to make you feel real important when you have a very important, no cancel, meeting with someone every week.  


Daybreak celebrates it's birthday with a Luau. We are four years old! The preforming group every year is "Mahukonakona", instructed and lead by Meleame Te'o.

June 19, 2008


We've made it. It's HOT...It's Swimmin' Time! Hollla! I took the day off from anything but my kids and we went swimming, walking, flower hunting, and a lot of eating and sleeping. Funny story! Haven chose to travel in Big Wheel style today. She still burned us in the dust, but this time I noticed that ANYTIME we passed ANYONE, she ditched the Big Wheel and would walk away from it like it wasn't her's. It happened at least 5 times before I realized what she was doing. I asked her about it, and she just blushed, but it was OBVIOUS...my girl is a Bike Snob. Apparently BIG WHEELS are not cool enough for my little Sweetie. What's coming next?? Aye aye aye!!

The Little Bakery!

Welcome to "THE" bakery!  If you want mouth watering Lemon Bars... Strawberry Bite Size Cheese Cakes (AKA Strawbizcheeks) or Fresh out of the oven French bread, and hand dipped strawberries...YOU NEED to come to "THE" bakery!  NO OTHER COMPARES... Ask around you'll see! I'm not getting paid a dime for this free plubicity... I am just supporting real, heaven sent talent and taste! (Family...don't hate...Celebrate okay..!) I heard they hired a new Bread Boy.  OH...and I heard he's got skills...and a day job, so it's a weekend gig for now.  Mmmmm getting hungry just thinking about it! Ha Ha Ha!!!

June 17, 2008


We have been waiting for this little girl for the longest time.  She's finally here, healthy and happy!  I'm posting a ton of images because of out of town family that won't get to see her.  Feel free to pull these images off and print them.  She really is such a beautiful tinsy thing.  

The Diet coke..made me laugh...cause Bron got crazy indigestion during her pregnancy and wasn't "supposed" to drink any... well whatever..it just seemed like a finish line drink, ya know?!

It would look better in a template, but I want people to be able to pull them off individually!

Costco Reading...

This post is for my fellow "Twilight" fans.  I was in Costco on Saturday and saw that the Second Edition of Eclipse was out.  I didn't have my kids or my husband  with me, so I just parked my cart and read the lead chapter for "Breaking Dawn."  We got the teaser the other day from E news, I think.  I wasn't too happy with that, but the chapter as a whole was more up my alley.  I loved it.  It was only one chapter, but by the time I finished the chapter I had forgotten that I was standing in the middle of Costco....now THAT is what I love about Stephanie Meyer's writing.  Good Luck Everyone! 

Rayce...duce duce

Rayce had a traumatic accident with his finger last weekend.  I still shutter at the thought.  It goes like this.  Party..party balloons.. Popping balloons, Scissors, finger, hospital...and WOW what a day.  I stopped by and the first thing he did is show me his fingers...I couldn't get to my camera fast enough, so I asked him to show me again...and again and again...and AGAIN...we never got back to the perfect pose but we got some funny ones.  I love you buddy!

June 14, 2008


For Fathers Day eve....I took Nick...or should I say..Nick took me to see... "The INCREDIBLE Hulk."  Now, this is something I don't even think my husband understands, but I would NEVER.....ever....EVER choose to watch this movie of my own free will and choice.  It took a whole lot of self control, at the ticket counter, to keep it all zipped up and to not blurt out..."OH...NOT THE HULK MOVIE Pllllleeease!" .....really it took HULK sized strength and a Larger that LIFE love, for the FATHER of my children that keep me silent and smiling all night.  I did take a little walk in the middle of the movie, washed my hands for at LEAST 4 minutes,  stared at all the pop up movie advertisements in the outside corridor,  did arm circles in the hall (the dark hall), and considered climbing some stairs in the theater..(but I didn't, cause I would fall...but, I thought about it).  I made it through with only one comment..."please don't take my kids to this one. K?!"  It wasn't horrible, terrible, it does surpries me how much violence these "kid" movies pack....and I use "kid" liberally, I'm aware many adults are going to see the Hulk....but isn't that because WE.. read the comics, wore the "underoos" and watched the Saturday morning cartoons when WE... were "kids"??  All in all it was a good night.  I just tried to enjoy being with my Husband, who is always a joy to be with.

I can't say enough about the positive, motivating, inspiring influence my Husband is in my life.  I am a far better person because of him.  He pushes me to dream, and believes in me so much I have no choice but to believe in myself.  He is unconditional with his Love, and kind with his words.  He's got more Faith than anyone I've ever met, and a big pure heart to go with it.

I remember one night in my dating years, coming home to a dark room with the biggest heart break I'd ever experienced.  The weight was physically heavy, so heavy, that all I could do was get on my knees and pray.  I told Heavenly Father...(I am aware you shouldn't really "TELL" Heavenly Father anything) "Okay....I'm going to trust you on this one..but you better give me someone REALLY amazing."  Talk about answered prayers,  HE sure came through on that one.  I didn't see it coming.  I didn't recognize it when it was right under my nose, I did all I could to make it difficult for myself, but life has a funny way of working itself out, and prayers have a way of being answered.  Thank HEAVEN for my WONDERFUL HUSBAND, my truest gift! Happy Fathers Day Niki!  Siempre tuyo!

June 13, 2008

I was getting the kids bathed today and the light was so good in the bathroom...due to a very large window in our upstairs bathroom.. that on most occasions is a nuisance, you don't have flex your imagination to guess why.  So.. this bother was a blessing today and I had to take some pictures of my Ryder.  He likes to get real close to the lens, which makes his eyes look EVEN bigger...and lets be honest...we could do without any distortions when it come to eyeballs.  I was excited, because his face was clean, from the bath sparkling clean. I was imagining we'd get our first "clean faced" Ryder photos today.....but no....SOME HOW...in the 3 seconds it took me to grab my camera and head back to the bathroom he had found a piece of candy and in his haste to get rid of the evidence, it got all over his lips.  

This Buckwheat hairdo is  called the "IRON MAN" and when it's spiky , it's "TRANSFORMERS."  Who knows where that originated from, but hey, anything to get that lion tamed is fine by me.  

 We took a VERY...VERY long bike ride this evening.  I'm just so humbled to be the mother of such wonderful, beautiful children.  I can not believe how they have grown.  Ryder's little legs were pumping like crazy to keep up with Haven.  He would keep looking over his shoulder for me and loose direction on his bike, so he'd put his head down and concentrate again.  They just kept going and going and going, around the lake, down the hills, till we arrived at my sisters house.  I could hear their little conversations along the way and I felt my eyes well up and my heart swell.  What a great blessing it is to be a part of their lives!!  I love you Haven, Ryder, and Golden. 

June 10, 2008

Circus Employable

I was relieved to discover I am employable at the circus, should things slow down in the photography area! My, my, my... can my sister throw a party. It really is impressive. She runs the whole shenanigan off themes. The theme was BUTTERFLIES....and everything...including the food (grilled cheese cut in half, angles facing in on a celery stick with shredded carrot antennas) worked the theme. The Boys got a break...and we made them fierce jungle animals. It was so much fun....and I have to say I'm quite happy for my future as a carnival face painter.

June 4, 2008


I wanted to give a special shout out to Crystal for helping me over come my size challenged images! I'm sooooo Happy!! ALMOST as happy as Golden is to play with his big sister! YEAH! THANKS AGAIN!


June 3, 2008


I'm working on the blogging more of the images from my latest shoot with Bella. I was blown away by this shot of Bella's Mom. Seriously...I was just testing light and asked her to sit while I shot some tests before we got going. WHAT in the world??....she has no business looking that great in a test shot. EFFORTLESS! Look at that smile too....she's up to no good! Teresa, you look amazing!

I have a rule that Mum's in recovery have a passport to an "all expenses paid" trip to the place I call the "Dark Side." What is the "Dark Side" you ask? It is that special place you go ...that foggy land, where socially appropriate standards of dress do not apply. What you wear to the store, and even in your home have no limitations. This travel visa is good and will hold up under the universal law of "LABOR" for at least 8 to 9 months after the baby, and even occasional visits up to 2 years. ALLLLLLLLLLL mothers are allowed, expected and encouraged to go to the "Dark Side" even if they don't like it (it gives the rest of us a break). In the Land of the Dark Side...you are sure that no one cares what you look like. You are of course expected to leave the "Dark Side" sooner or later...but TERESA you are fired...You didn't even bother going for a week?! NOT RIGHT! You should be arrested!


I had to post this picture, it's so Ryder.  He hates haircuts and I'm thinking I might just let it grow, cause I can't be bothered with the craziness of getting him in and all the drama...it makes me tired just thinking about it.  It so funny lookin' its cute.  BUT...there he is eating M&M's that he got from some secret place...??  with a dirty face in true Ryder fashion...with a bad hairdo, The only thing that isn't right about this picture is that he HAS clothes on.  I LOVE YOU SON!

He Said "Maama"!

June 2, 2008


Thank you Dad for being such a great, Dad and Grandpa!  On Saturday Nick and I went out to a concert and knowing it was going to be late when we got home...and Sunday morning Nick had a song practice with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir....OOhhh Ahh..(so cool), and I had to teach our Primary Sharing Time at the exact same time....We needed some help!  With both of us on our "A" game, we barely make it through a normal Sunday, with our little tribe, so without Nick and two classes to teach, I needed some serious back up.... and with out a hesitation, my Dad volunteered for the job.

He spent the night with us, he took the kids shopping, on a bike ride to the park, got them fed and to bed, made home made pancakes in the morning, watched cartoons, washed dishes bathed, dressed, and brushed them and then....stayed and baked bread, and let me choose whatever I wanted for lunch and it was, of course amazing.

Those of you who know our family, know, to see my Dad (and my Brother) cooking, is common (and I have to give props to my Husband too..he makes one thing but that one thing is "The World's Best French Toast EVERY SUNDAY!) and it's absolutely the best food..ever.. EVER.. everrrr...and the poor men who marry themselves a  Tohara Girl....bettah know how to cook or be really patient, cause the men in our family are genetically gifted with cooking...and the girls......not so much.  Seriously "we been spoiled" our whole life with an amazing chef as a Father. (hey...it's only taken me 5 years to step it up....RIGHT?...ppsssst,.. Someone vouch for me...anyone??)

Thanks again Dad, for you constant, loving service you always offer my family, especially my children.  I LOVE YOU!  CHECK OUT THAT PERFECT Portuguese sweet bread...why don't cha!

Happy Birthday Kiki

Happy Birthday Kiki!  This is my beautiful Niece Kiele.....and good thing she turned out so pretty with a great name.   My brother is a little obsessive when it comes to names..SO GOOD job with the name and the good lookin' kids bro!  ( oh you too Chris....)

As you can see....I'm still obsessed with purple patch.  Purple patch is still alive and I will photograph you or any of your kids in "purple patch" against your will, if you are coming to my house this month.  The sun was almost gone this time around and I wanted to see if I could get a different look using the same place.  Sort of did it, but I'm sure you all know where I am.