June 23, 2008

"OUR" Mckay Tohara

Little Mckay calls my Dad, "Grandpa." He is absolutely required to be present at Christmas time, and we always have a cake for him on his birthday. He is "OUR" Mckay. In every way he is part of our family.....well.. with one exception, Genetically. The other Sunday the kids were running around my house and my Dad said, in a voice of melancholy "It will be one of the saddest day's in Mckay's life will be when he realizes he's not blood related to us." I had to laugh, not because it's such a huge deal to be blood in our family, but I know coming from my Dad the translation is personal. When my Dad grew up he had a similar experience with my Grandfather's best friend Mac Sewaki. It's spoke volumes of how much he loves Mckay, by anticipating a similar reaction. Uncle Mac was family, just like Mckay and his siblings are our family, genes or NOT. By the way...with moves like these...he's got to be related.


Unknown said...

These are great! Look at him going crazy! You are always so great to him and our family...to him you will all always be family...he feels so loved and like he belongs, blood or not!

Dennis Thomas said...

Yup...it hit my kids this year as we were moving....it was pretty sad, but the best part about it is...the understand why...You guys are our extended family and we miss every single one of you!