June 3, 2008


I'm working on the blogging more of the images from my latest shoot with Bella. I was blown away by this shot of Bella's Mom. Seriously...I was just testing light and asked her to sit while I shot some tests before we got going. WHAT in the world??....she has no business looking that great in a test shot. EFFORTLESS! Look at that smile too....she's up to no good! Teresa, you look amazing!

I have a rule that Mum's in recovery have a passport to an "all expenses paid" trip to the place I call the "Dark Side." What is the "Dark Side" you ask? It is that special place you go ...that foggy land, where socially appropriate standards of dress do not apply. What you wear to the store, and even in your home have no limitations. This travel visa is good and will hold up under the universal law of "LABOR" for at least 8 to 9 months after the baby, and even occasional visits up to 2 years. ALLLLLLLLLLL mothers are allowed, expected and encouraged to go to the "Dark Side" even if they don't like it (it gives the rest of us a break). In the Land of the Dark Side...you are sure that no one cares what you look like. You are of course expected to leave the "Dark Side" sooner or later...but TERESA you are fired...You didn't even bother going for a week?! NOT RIGHT! You should be arrested!


Unknown said...

Oh whatever! The clothes I have on for this don't even fit me! I will be a proud member of the dark side for months to come, I'm sure.

Hali said...

You are beautiful Teresa and Omi, what a perfect shot. You are just simply amazing! And Yes, the Dark Side. I have been a member of the dark side five times now. (I include my miscarriages b/c I was NOT up for dressing myself after these) Teresa is not being fair to us dark siders cause now our husbands will see her and wonder what in the world we mean when we say EVERY woman goes there. BOO to you Teresa =O) Love you though!!

Unknown said...

You're both crazy!! I'm SO a member!! I wear pj's everyday!! Definitely the dark side for me.

Crystal said...

Amen to the dark side.
Stunning photos, stunning subjects.
Great work, as usual.