June 13, 2008

I was getting the kids bathed today and the light was so good in the bathroom...due to a very large window in our upstairs bathroom.. that on most occasions is a nuisance, you don't have flex your imagination to guess why.  So.. this bother was a blessing today and I had to take some pictures of my Ryder.  He likes to get real close to the lens, which makes his eyes look EVEN bigger...and lets be honest...we could do without any distortions when it come to eyeballs.  I was excited, because his face was clean, from the bath sparkling clean. I was imagining we'd get our first "clean faced" Ryder photos today.....but no....SOME HOW...in the 3 seconds it took me to grab my camera and head back to the bathroom he had found a piece of candy and in his haste to get rid of the evidence, it got all over his lips.  

This Buckwheat hairdo is  called the "IRON MAN" and when it's spiky , it's "TRANSFORMERS."  Who knows where that originated from, but hey, anything to get that lion tamed is fine by me.  

 We took a VERY...VERY long bike ride this evening.  I'm just so humbled to be the mother of such wonderful, beautiful children.  I can not believe how they have grown.  Ryder's little legs were pumping like crazy to keep up with Haven.  He would keep looking over his shoulder for me and loose direction on his bike, so he'd put his head down and concentrate again.  They just kept going and going and going, around the lake, down the hills, till we arrived at my sisters house.  I could hear their little conversations along the way and I felt my eyes well up and my heart swell.  What a great blessing it is to be a part of their lives!!  I love you Haven, Ryder, and Golden. 


Anonymous said...

I love those moments when you can be outdoors with your children. Most of the time it's so peaceful! And did you say lake? Is there a lake in South Jordan? Cool.

Crystal said...

Such a sweet post.
It's amazing what having children can do to/for a person. I know exactly what that heart swelling feels like...and I love it.