June 19, 2008

The Little Bakery!

Welcome to "THE" bakery!  If you want mouth watering Lemon Bars... Strawberry Bite Size Cheese Cakes (AKA Strawbizcheeks) or Fresh out of the oven French bread, and hand dipped strawberries...YOU NEED to come to "THE" bakery!  NO OTHER COMPARES... Ask around you'll see! I'm not getting paid a dime for this free plubicity... I am just supporting real, heaven sent talent and taste! (Family...don't hate...Celebrate okay..!) I heard they hired a new Bread Boy.  OH...and I heard he's got skills...and a day job, so it's a weekend gig for now.  Mmmmm getting hungry just thinking about it! Ha Ha Ha!!!

1 comment:

Chgo Dave said...

Omi, Omi, Omi I have a love hate relationship with "The Bakery"... I love it because food from there always tastes soooo good but hate the fact that totally destroys my willpower when it comes to any chance of dieting.