July 8, 2008


The last song of the night, all the bands came up to sing "One Love", by Bob Marley.  Members of , Rock Steady, Neti Taumoepeau of 676,  The Hooliganz, MANA POLY ALL-STARS, Alo Key, Adeaze, 3 House Down, Kontiki, Manao Co., and Soli Mauigoa (the heart of Solkrush), are on stage.
Alo key...on the left, wrote and sang our wedding song, his album is almost done and will be ready to make your own very soon!

This next set are random pictures I took at then event between coverage on MPA. The above groupings are ADEAZE, a New Zealand R&B group of two brothers Nainz and Viiz Tupa'i. Amazing, effortless, harmony. Check them out here


Anonymous said...

Geez Omi, soon you'll be too famous and expensive for us to have you take our family pics!!
:-) Great job by the way!

Crystal said...

I sent an email to the email address that's on your profile page. Hopefully it didn't go to your junk mail.
Let me know if you got it, k?

K-C Tohara said...

:) great shoot! You caught the moment!

ma'elePHOTO said...

Hey Omi!

Seini just linked me to your site! I LOVE all your images!!! Somehow, I always knew that you'd pick up this hobby, 'cause back in the day your pix's were ALWAYS amazing! LOVE IT!!!! Your family is beautiful. It's great to see you on here.

Take care, Maele xox