July 12, 2008


Growing up I definitely remember, feeling like ANYTHING and EVERYTHING was possible.  That the sky was the limit and that maybe I hadn't been given all that many God given Gifts or Talents, but I knew how to work hard and at some point I was going to prove myself faithful in making something of myself.  Flash forward 20 years, here I am a proud wife of a wonderful husband, the Mother of 3 beautiful children, pursuing my passion/obsession, for photography.  I can honestly say that I have been blessed, more than I even dared to dream.  The "making something of myself" has become "life making something out of me."  I'm learning to take the experience of life, the good and the bad, and find JOY!   All of you have been , not only a part of it, but the reason.  Believe that dreams come true.  Believe that faith is the power and that if you only start with "wanting" and "hoping" and then follow it up with ACTION, like their ain't no waiting for tomorrow, you will always get what you want.  MUCH LOVE for all the support!  I have had a TON of great feedback, from so many of you this week!  I love your comments, it makes me feel like I'm not talking to the empty Internet universe!  THANK YOU - Omi

Belive it..these are his "mad" faces...WHAT A CUTIE!

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Anonymous said...

You should believe Omi! I'm his Dad I know how mad he can get! LOL! Omi you are a genius!