August 30, 2008


Hey everyone....I have an announcement coming real soon!!  I will try to get everything in order for tomorrow.  I'm so excited about it and I want you all to be part of it!  Thanks again for all your support, as always, I'm so amazingly humbled by all of you!

Mrs Janet Tada, I don't know if I have ever met anyone as generous as you! Thank you for all you have done for me and for my loved ones! We will always learn from your wonderful example!  

Uncle Dad told me what Alisi said and so this one is just for her.  You know I was saving the best for last...sooooo I guess that make Michael the best.  

August 29, 2008

Road Trips, eating off the side of the road, and Dad

Last weekend we drove back from Seattle and while to most this might have been a total buzz kill, after such a fun weekend, I was actually looking forward to it.  I LOVE long distance road trips....especially when the trip is a beautiful drive, I don't have to worry about the kids getting a stretch every hour and my Dad is with with me. Convenient stores, open road, beef jerky, loud music, microwaveable burritos, laughing till it's how we grew up.  Friday evening would roll around and we'd be sitting around the house.  Dad would say...."How's California sound?" , we'd scramble to get a change of clothes, jump in the car, drive all night, and eat breakfast on the beach.  During my brothers football season, we lived on the road.  In fact, every fall about this time, there is a crispness to the air,.. the smell of Autumn that still makes want to jump in a car, roll the windows down, and find a football game.  I LOVE IT!  
My Dad got me excited about "blackberry picking."  I didn't know how, where or what it was all about, but he made it sound really fun, and I was game.  This is what I discovered.  Apparently Blackberries grow wild in Seattle.... perfectly edible...ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD???!  Not the glamorous harvesting I had imagined, but  after much coaxing from my sisters, I ate one......and it was really the tastiest thing I'd ever eaten (off the side of the road.)  Anyway, that my friends, is how my Dad makes my life an adventure, as only he can.  

August 27, 2008


Yesterday, when James (in Hawaiian James is Kimo) and I were talking, I found out that he had been putting off taking pictures for his marketing for a long time... like, YEARS.  I could tell he wanted just a kick back sort of session.  We joked for weeks about what he should wear.  I was more for, leg warmers, shirts with profanity and hot pants (his suggestion).  He did pretty good with his own agenda....but I'm just sayin', nothing says musical prodigy like an "AYE CARUMBA" t-shirt.  

Towards the end of the evening, I said something that I've never said before.  Me: I promise you'll like your pictures. Don't worry!"  I can't tell you how much I worried on the way home....what were you thinking...pffft.."I PROMISE."   So James, even if you don't love them.  I do, and hopefully I will remember not to do that again. I can't take the worry!

James has one of those amazing gifts, for all that is musical.  He can sing, play piano, guitar, ukulele....probably the banjo.  I will keep you all posted with his progress.  Look for his music on my play list and DEFINITELY check him out!

August 26, 2008

If I were Indian...

Effortless, exotic, beauty.  It's always been my secret wish to wear an ornately beaded sari, with a jewel on my head, and masses of gold bangles.  If I had any excuse in the world, I'd wear one everyday......I'm now trying very hard to come up with a valid reason.  Lucky Indian girls!  Devi and Alisi are the daughters of my Dad's best friend.  I've know them my whole life, but only really "MET" Devi on this trip.  We were treated to the most amazing seafood brunch before we took off to the Seattle Rose Gardens to start the shoot.  

Alisi just about looked like she was going to die if pointed my camera in her direction even one more time.  I decided to only post a few of her because I didn't know how she might react to seeing her pretty face all over the internet...and well Devi, she is my current, preferred model of the season.    SERIOUSLY Devi, come stay with us next week!  Our home is always open!

Pua and Junior

Hands down, the best thing about what I  do, is getting to see old friends, and meeting new ones... and...really getting to go to Seattle for the weekend and eat ALLLLL the seafood I can get my hands on, is just a bonus, for which there are NO words.  Seattle is quickly becoming my number one place to visit!  Pua and I have been friends for years, but had fallen out of contact after Nick and I  left Hawaii.  It was so nice to see her and meet her beautiful family.  I  can't wait to go back!  

Tonight while I was trying to sort though my favorite shots, Nick passed by the office and said..."Hey...that's my girl, Pua."  (pretty much like...I didn't know her from Adam)  It made me laugh because it reminded me of our first year of marriage.  Seriously, my official name was "MYWIFE."  Have  you seen MYWIFE?  Did you call MYWIFE? MYWIFE is at school, church....sleeping.   Is MYWIFE with you?  (pretty much like...NO ONE knew me from ADAM?)    

Pua, Junior...I had so much fun!  Thanks for everything!  Thank you Seattle, for the fish and lack of rain.  Thank you Mr. MommaiNicholas, for loving and caring for my Babies enough for the both of us while I was gone!!!

August 21, 2008


Lazying around one Saturday watching TV with Nick....I saw a commercial that had me jumping up and down. Mind you, "lazying around + watching TV  + Nick" only translates into one..or should I say one FOUR letter word. E.S.P.N. I don't really watch the TV during our ESPN bonding.  I listen, and glance up from time to time.  It was by chance I was even looking at the TV to catch the end of a NIKE commercial.  It took me a half a second to register that I just saw Tasha, on TV...not just TV, but a commercial..not just a commercial a  NIKE one at that.  I kept asking my husband..."have  you EVER known ANYONE on a Nike commercial before??"  It's still so cool!

I missed the game, but when I heard, I went the "always reliable" internet....and look what.. or should I say "who" I found.  I'm so proud of our team, and how great it is that they "GOT THE GOLD", but personally, I am so happy for Tash.  I wish her every happiness in the world!  WHAT AN AMAZING JOURNEY TO YOUR DREAMS!  We love you Tasha!!  

August 20, 2008

Goodbye Dear Summer, we will miss you so...

If you only knew how this picture is the epitome of my summer. Scuba Steve and Lifeguard Larry, and their "GOBBLES."  These little plastic lizards went everywhere with us. I kind of wish I started taking pictures of them earlier in the year and put a collage of all our summer events. To me, the most memorable about this picture, is that my boys are 100% sure they are the coolest two set of 3 year olds on the block. Ahhhh Summer, I miss you already!

August 19, 2008


I am going to Seattle this weekend for a last minute event.  I am available for at least one shoot on Saturday evening, maybe two if we have some early birds!  Let me know if anyone is interested!

posts seem so boring without pictures.....If only there were still arranged marriages. Well, yeah, I guess there are. So I suppose it's settled then. Ha ha. Love you Nela and Niki! I couldn't help but put up such a pretty face!


Hi Everyone, My boy has been a little sick these past few days. I put everything on hold so I didn't feel like I was torn in 10 different directions all day. I just settled in, to cuddle my tiny (not so tiny) guy. He's doing better now, so I wanted to post some exciting news.

A good friend of mine, NATALIE NORTON, asked me to do a PHOTOSHOP tutorial, on her HUGELY popular blog, and since I do so love me some photoshop, I was thrilled to help! You can check it out here or here...or here.  If there are any more questions about the tutorial, let me know. ALSO....Those of you who want photo tips, Natalie is a writer for DPS (Digital Photography School.)  She is a very funny, and clever writer, but more importantly....she is a great photographer/teacher.  I love to read her stuff!  Go check her out!  I am also happy to help any of you with tips.  I'd like to know what things you'd like to learn.  I am 110% about sharing anything I know, with anyone who wants to know!  

August 18, 2008


she wanted, Scott Kelby's book so the
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LUCKY WINNER..with you address and
I will ship your prize today.

THANK YOU all so much for participating! It was so much fun for me! I appreciate all you kind support and YOU JUST WAIT till we hit 50,000...The givaway will be a mind blower...okay so maybe not that cool, but I will do my best to come up with something fun!!

August 15, 2008

10,000TH....GIVE AWAY!!

Today...Errr yesterday, I hit my 10,000th page visit, since I started tracking last month! YEAH OMIPHOTO!!  So to celebrate, I have decided to do a, give away sort of contest,thingamajiger! Here are the options and the winner will have to choose from...

1) CAFE RIO GIFT CERTIFICATE $20.00 (if you are out of UTAH...You can pick the place..)
2) THE BOOK...."The Digital Photography Book", by Scott Kelby (great for beginners)

Here's what you gotta do! Leave a comment.  I will randomly draw a winner out of those who comment on this post....EASY ENOUGH?  This will be open till Monday Morning (AUG18th,2008) @ 10am, and I will announce the LUCKY DUCK!  In your comment let me know which MAJOR COOL, AWESOME giveaway you want!!  If you are posting as "anonymous" just let me know your name and addy!!  K guys!   Here are some shots for Grandma!  We tried a mohawk..we got Alfalfa.