August 21, 2008


Lazying around one Saturday watching TV with Nick....I saw a commercial that had me jumping up and down. Mind you, "lazying around + watching TV  + Nick" only translates into one..or should I say one FOUR letter word. E.S.P.N. I don't really watch the TV during our ESPN bonding.  I listen, and glance up from time to time.  It was by chance I was even looking at the TV to catch the end of a NIKE commercial.  It took me a half a second to register that I just saw Tasha, on TV...not just TV, but a commercial..not just a commercial a  NIKE one at that.  I kept asking my husband..."have  you EVER known ANYONE on a Nike commercial before??"  It's still so cool!

I missed the game, but when I heard, I went the "always reliable" internet....and look what.. or should I say "who" I found.  I'm so proud of our team, and how great it is that they "GOT THE GOLD", but personally, I am so happy for Tash.  I wish her every happiness in the world!  WHAT AN AMAZING JOURNEY TO YOUR DREAMS!  We love you Tasha!!  

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