August 27, 2008


Yesterday, when James (in Hawaiian James is Kimo) and I were talking, I found out that he had been putting off taking pictures for his marketing for a long time... like, YEARS.  I could tell he wanted just a kick back sort of session.  We joked for weeks about what he should wear.  I was more for, leg warmers, shirts with profanity and hot pants (his suggestion).  He did pretty good with his own agenda....but I'm just sayin', nothing says musical prodigy like an "AYE CARUMBA" t-shirt.  

Towards the end of the evening, I said something that I've never said before.  Me: I promise you'll like your pictures. Don't worry!"  I can't tell you how much I worried on the way home....what were you thinking...pffft.."I PROMISE."   So James, even if you don't love them.  I do, and hopefully I will remember not to do that again. I can't take the worry!

James has one of those amazing gifts, for all that is musical.  He can sing, play piano, guitar, ukulele....probably the banjo.  I will keep you all posted with his progress.  Look for his music on my play list and DEFINITELY check him out!


Anonymous said...

Next time, it's all about the circa 1994 Bart Simpson Aye Carumba t-shirt (or better yet the Aye Tequila shirt!), leg warmers, and ear muffs.

You had nothing to worry about I love the pictures. I've been putting this off for a long time, but you made it fun, and I just wanted to drop by to say Mahalo a nui loa!

A hui hou a e malama pono ia oe, me kou ohana,


Hali said...

Heavenly Father blessed you with such a talent to preserve different steps in his childrens lives. I know he is in Heaven smiling down at you, so happy that you are using this blessing that he gave you! You are wonderful.(even if you didn't call when you were in boise...j/k)
We Love You,
Hali and the rest of the clan

OMI said...

I'm so sorry. When you didn't respond to my message about being in town, I figured you were too sick and I didn't want to bother you. We were in Meridian at the Rest Home where Judy's dad stays. I was just telling Chris that I was right there and I didn't even get invited to your house...he he. Thank you always for you support. I love ya!

Sundy Watanabe said...

These are fabulous! -- Even if I weren't James' mom, I'd think so. :-) Seriously, though, they are beautiful. I can't wait to see which one he picks for album cover.

Hali said...

Oh, I guess I will take the blame for that. But it just said you would call so I was just waiting. =O) Although I did skip Stake Conference so I probably wasn't up for the trip. We got to hear Elder Kikuchi (one of the 70) at the adult session on Saturday night. He came up to our conference. It was SOOOO awesome!! Man, I have never felt the spirit like that before!!

ma'elePHOTO said...

Omi, I LOVE this. Don't know the guy but have been wanting to get Jared to pose with his 'love'.

Anonymous said...
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Pahulu Family said...

Om, love the guitar shot with Kimo playing the sun behind me as well as the guitar with the railroad tracks, and I love all of them. Its hard to pick favorites when they all look so good. Hey, sorry I didn't catch your call last night. I was putting my kids down and in the process feel asleep with them. I will definitely give you a call...on your blog, the link to contact you isn't working, or maybe its just me. Juliet and I both couldn't get through to your contact information. I'll give you a call though. Love your work Oms!

Unknown said...

I think your site is my #1 favorite. I just LOVE all your work. I really like the textures on these. You seriously have to teach me all you know. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...


Showed some people here, and while the general consensus is "would have been better with leg warmers or at least hot pants" everybody loves your work. Fa'afetai tele lava!

Hope to see you folks at the concert tomorrow night.

Free show
7:00 PM
Elliott Hall
569 South 1300 East SLC

Anonymous said...

Pictures look really good James & good luck with your album. Luv Irene & the rest of the Masinas!

Anonymous said...

Fa'afetai tele lava Masina family. Will see you, well, most of you hahaha at church!