August 11, 2008


Hi Guys!!  Before I go to bed, I wanted to ask for a little help.  I am putting together a collection of "TESTIMONIALS" so to speak.  I'd like to use them on my website (we are building) to show others who don't know about my SWEETASTIC photography skills, that I'm worth checkin out, not just for "said sweetastic ability", but my glowing personality too... :o) Anyway...I'm just looking for a small note or letter that TRULY reflects your experience with me.  If you are interested in participating please email them to   LOVE YOU ALL...THANK YOU!  GOODNIGHT!  ALSO...I wanted to thank ALL of you who visit my site.  I know some of you comment (MMMUUUAH)..and some of you don't...(I'm so a "not" commenter by nature..but I'm getting better at it with time), but regardless, I am absolutely in love with you all!  


Unknown said...

What can I say? Every photo you've taken of myself or my children is absolutely priceless. You're not always going for the "sit pretty and don't move and you better smile or else" pose, you capture all of the silly faces, and the moments I want to remember forever. So thank you, and I can't wait to have you take our family pictures!!

*Ruth Mullins* said...

Hahahaha....Little Ryan is so funny. Looks like he is going to be just like his dad when he grows up.

Anonymous said...

dear omi
i would say stop fishing for compliments..but since u kind of already admitted to it i guess u can say your "whale"ing for complements AHAHAHAHA thats a good one! cuz whales are big n u know get it? haah okay bye

Dennis Thomas said...

Gotta say...this was a great moment to see and to watch it in person was amazing!

Teresa and Josh, he is a total cutie..

And Omi...again, you have the gift girl!

Unknown said...

As soon as I found your blog.. I've been hooked. I HAVE to check it daily for any updates. You are soooooo talented and I love all the inspiring pictures that you share. Thanks girl.

Puanani said...

How about even if you've never done pictures of me or my family, but I STILL am SO amazed by your work - can I leave compliments too?? :) I love ALL your pictures and I'm ADDICTED to your blog! You capture the best moments, and the image quality is awesome. Come to Seattle!!

What kind of camera do you use?

Pahulu Family said...

Even with a child that doesn't show much enthusiasm or facial expression (she gets it from her dad), Lehua's 1st bday pics were timeless and heartfelt. When Kiddie Kandid didn't come through, you shot Lehua in record time and her shots were beautiful. Thanks Om!

OMI said...

Hi Pua,

Nick and I have an agreement. If I get 4 bookings from out state, I will fly for the day and he'll be Daddy Day Care! But we were planning on a Seattle trip soon, so I will let you know okay!

I have two camera bodies I use
1)Olympus E-Volt 500
2)Canon 5D (my favorite)

and 3 lenses
1)14-15mm 1:3.5-5.6
2)40-150mm 1:1.5-4.9f
3)50mm 1:1.2f

Puanani said...

Definitely, please let me know if you do come out here, we'll have to hire you for some family pics :). My best friend is getting married next November 2009 here in Seattle, and you are on her Photographer Wish List!! If you come out here, we'll definitely have to schedule a consultation too. :)