August 26, 2008

Pua and Junior

Hands down, the best thing about what I  do, is getting to see old friends, and meeting new ones... and...really getting to go to Seattle for the weekend and eat ALLLLL the seafood I can get my hands on, is just a bonus, for which there are NO words.  Seattle is quickly becoming my number one place to visit!  Pua and I have been friends for years, but had fallen out of contact after Nick and I  left Hawaii.  It was so nice to see her and meet her beautiful family.  I  can't wait to go back!  

Tonight while I was trying to sort though my favorite shots, Nick passed by the office and said..."Hey...that's my girl, Pua."  (pretty much like...I didn't know her from Adam)  It made me laugh because it reminded me of our first year of marriage.  Seriously, my official name was "MYWIFE."  Have  you seen MYWIFE?  Did you call MYWIFE? MYWIFE is at school, church....sleeping.   Is MYWIFE with you?  (pretty much like...NO ONE knew me from ADAM?)    

Pua, Junior...I had so much fun!  Thanks for everything!  Thank you Seattle, for the fish and lack of rain.  Thank you Mr. MommaiNicholas, for loving and caring for my Babies enough for the both of us while I was gone!!!


Puanani said...

Oh my gosh Omi!! We LOVE them!!! Thank you sooooo much :). You are amazing, and we're so glad you got to take our pictures, and share your awesome talent with us!! lol@ Nick..please say hi to him, and when you guys come to Seattle next, we're ready for some Seattle seafood!! *big hugs*

OMI said...

I had someone tell me that Junior looked like the ROCK...I thought he'd like that one! I'm happy you guys love them.....cause I sure do! Kiss those little girls for me!

Puanani said...

Ahahahaha that is too funny! The Rock..hehehe. He probably will like that. Eden keeps asking "Mommy, where Aunty Omi go?" lol! Hopefully next time, they stay more focused! We had so much fun!