August 29, 2008

Road Trips, eating off the side of the road, and Dad

Last weekend we drove back from Seattle and while to most this might have been a total buzz kill, after such a fun weekend, I was actually looking forward to it.  I LOVE long distance road trips....especially when the trip is a beautiful drive, I don't have to worry about the kids getting a stretch every hour and my Dad is with with me. Convenient stores, open road, beef jerky, loud music, microwaveable burritos, laughing till it's how we grew up.  Friday evening would roll around and we'd be sitting around the house.  Dad would say...."How's California sound?" , we'd scramble to get a change of clothes, jump in the car, drive all night, and eat breakfast on the beach.  During my brothers football season, we lived on the road.  In fact, every fall about this time, there is a crispness to the air,.. the smell of Autumn that still makes want to jump in a car, roll the windows down, and find a football game.  I LOVE IT!  
My Dad got me excited about "blackberry picking."  I didn't know how, where or what it was all about, but he made it sound really fun, and I was game.  This is what I discovered.  Apparently Blackberries grow wild in Seattle.... perfectly edible...ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD???!  Not the glamorous harvesting I had imagined, but  after much coaxing from my sisters, I ate one......and it was really the tastiest thing I'd ever eaten (off the side of the road.)  Anyway, that my friends, is how my Dad makes my life an adventure, as only he can.  


Puanani said...

WOW WOW WOW! I love these pictures! lol@blackberries - they're EVERYWHERE here!! These photos are awesome!!

Stephanie said...

Your photos are amazing! Your dad is awesome. He has such a big heart and was always so sweet and kind to all your friends. Jana and I loved going over to your house cause we always knew your dad would be cookin' up something super delicious.

Unga Fam said...


Love this post! Love your dad and this gives so much insight to your adventurous nature.. We have had some good road trips in our days.. I miss you and the fam and our great conversations!
Can't wait til it's our turn for pictures!
Much Love
Nat Nat

OMI said... have no idea how much I was thinking back on our road warrior days, when I wrote this. We knew how to put some miles down! I still think about that time in my life whenever I go to a gas station in the middle of nowhere. I get a sort of home sick feeling. I MISS ya Sis! Love you always!

NONU6 said...

Love the blog header Omi!