August 8, 2008


As a girl, I only had a few specific thoughts concerning my future: I will live next door to my best friend, we will get married at the same time, to guys who are friends so that we can live right next door to one another and have kids the same age... Happily Ever After.  AMEN.

Since we moved about a "half a jillion" times while I was young, I kept creating this dream life over and over, in my head, with my new found best friends... Now..I say young, but what I really mean is, I'm STILL totally STOKED that Nick and I were extended a living invitation to the future Moleni Compound. 

And then there is my older brother and my older brothers BEST FRIENDS: Dennis (the head of the Thomas Family), Dave and Josh.  These boys are the reincarnate of my impossible dream. They: lived or live right next door still, married wives who are friends, and have kids the same age.  I hardly have a memory of my brother that doesn't include Dennis and his family. Recently the Thomas's moved to New York for a ROCKIN' new job, and although we are so happy for them...we do miss them.

Maddy you are such a beauty.  (She got her braces off this weekend, and I just love that smile.) Avery, I love your eyes kid! are my Jedi Knight!   (but don't you touch my lens again!).  Den and Em, thank you for spending time with the Fam while you were in town, we all miss you!


Unknown said...

Wow! Those are great! And Maddie...what a beauty! Watch out Dennis! I LOVE them all! Especially the family pic at the top. Good work, Oms!

Dennis Thomas said...


You have an amazing gift! We love these and are excited to get the rest of the pictures too.

Emilie and Madison are gorgeous! And my boys, well you can see how mischievous they are in their eyes, I love it! Emilie loves it!

Thank you so much! We love you!

K-C Tohara said...

Great pics :D