September 30, 2008

Gas Works Park: Seattle, WA

I'm all caught up on my editing and now I'm just going through some of my personal shooting that I've done over the past few weeks. This is Gas Works Park in Seattle, where I shot the Tagoa'i family. When Pua mentioned that she might want to do the family pictures here, I looked it up on the Internet and thought it looked like the Wizard of Oz's, Emerald City, gone wrong. It isn't as large as it looks in pictures, but I still thought it was intriguing. A relic of the industrial past, smothered in the green "ORGANIC" of modern day Seattle.

Baby Puttin' Daddy Down For a Nap

Nap time is a battle of the wills.....I wonder who got the 1..2..3...knock out first. Can I tell you, my heart just melted when I found them.

September 29, 2008

The Winns!

We had been talking about doing family pictures for this family for a long time, so when I had my cancelation on Saturday we decided to get serious about it. If you don't know, family pictures can be stressful. If you have perfectly behaved children, because we all do...(hee, hee) even they will take family pictures, as their cue to cut loose, and explore their independence. Poor Mckay looked like a fly flew up his nose and he spent most of his time trying to "convince" it to come out, which was making his parents crazy, and giving me a good laugh. As stressful as it is, I love catching the kids really being themselves.  I realize sometimes we get through the shoot and you may not even remember what happened, but I work fast and rest assured that I realize how important it is to you that we get the shots and I feel just as strongly that you look GREAT!  Here you go guys.  We love  you!  

September 26, 2008


This beautiful little boy is celebrating his first birthday, with his big sister Emily and his Mum and Dad. I love to hear about the wonderful, miraculous journey these little children make to find their families.  Eli's mom and I had a good laugh at the fact that, we both were pretty sure we were both adopted as'm still deliberating.  It's the aftermath of a having a big brother, I suppose.  
I was told that my little guy is a big time smiler, but NO JOKE, every time I looked at him he nearly cried, and when we were all done, I waved goodbye...and what do ya know....BIG SMILE!  (lol!) 
How about that Fro' Mo'?  Folks that is 100% genuine growth!  If that doesn't make him the coolest 1yr old around, I don't know what does.
I couldn't resist snapping a few of the little blue eyed, curly haired beauty.  It's my weakness, curly hair...and quirky smiles.  
Thank you Lyndsey for inviting me to meet your beautiful babies.  You can't help but fall in love with them.  You and your husband are brave, wonderful, courageous people.  I say, you better start marketing, so we can get a little brother.  Thanks for all the advice and the laughs!

September 25, 2008


I saw this on another blog and was laughing...when Haven came in and asked what was so funny. I told her that the guy was "THE WIND" She didn't get it...but enjoy anyway! With all the buzz on energy, I felt it was politically appropriate!

Happy First Week of Autumn....

September 24, 2008


Last Saturday between rain storms I snapped a few shots of my Nephew Venu, and his friends, on their way to their Home Coming dance. I CANNOT believe he is in high school now. I wish I had gotten there earlier when there was still some light. I had all of these fun ideas, and in the end I had to just use the flash.... which is boring, boring, boring,....because I'm not very good at getting it to work for me the way I want it to.... but the kids looked GREAT, and were really fun!  Love you Venu!  I will give your Mom the DVD of images on Saturday!

September 23, 2008


I had a cancelation for this Saturday the 27th. If you were wanting to get in for a shoot and I didn't have room or we had to push you back because of availability.... THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. First come first serve. E-mail me at or call me 801-949-6365.


My two little rascals started school on Monday. As much work as it was to have two extra kids everyday, I miss them both so much! We were crackin' up at Mia's leg all wrapped around Rayce....SUPER STAR MUCH?? I just want to pinch their cheeks.

September 22, 2008


"Av yuh evah kissed a Belgium Mun?" Me: "Huh?", not knowing if it was the thudding of the music or the heavy accent that made his question unintelligible.  "Haav you EVAAHH kissed a Belgium Mun?" Me: HUH!?  Understanding this time.  "NO!!" I shot back at the complete stranger, with a wrinkled nose and twisted mouth.  "Du yuh wunt tuh?"  uuuhgg Blech!!  I stood up and marched straight to the pay phone, pulled out that trusty emergency quarter, and called Mom for immediate rescue.  Giving no thought that, I had just went to great lengths to out smart this lady called Mom.  A two year grounding was a welcomed trade off.  
A decade and a half later, Nick dragged me up the stairs past the forming line to the "other" entrance.  The "VIP" entrance, just like the movies: Name: check, clipboard: check , past the velvet rope: check.  It was the celebrity after party for Tanner Halls'  The Massive  new movie release.  At first I was intrigued, but by the time my eyes adjusted to the dark smoky room, it dawned on me....I wouldn't know a celebrity snow border/skier if they snow plowed across my nose, which at that point I might have appreciated.  Watching the people move so freely and closely made me think I was looking at a snow globe, seeing all the co-motion but not feeling the craziness.  People watchers around the world will agree bars and clubs and maybe church are the top three people watching that, club, church.  (lol!)  Inside the club we had a reserved booth with a drop dead beautiful waitress.  For a second I thought  it was a shame that such a pretty girl would be a V.I.P. Park City waitress....but then I chuckled.  What was a better job for this beauty?  A manager at a clothing store?  A hair dresser....?  I'm positive that girl earns more dinero dishing drinks than 98.2% of 9-5ers in Utah.  I only wish I'd have brought my camera in with me.  There was so much material....I even saw a guy lean over to the stranger at his left and whisper "Av yuh evah kissed a Belgium Mun?" 

September 21, 2008

MASINA FAMILY....(one of the other ones)

The first time I met Irene, I was on what I thought was a friendly date...a first date.  But, it wasn't...I was walking blindly into the Lion's Den.  It was the Masina's strong hold.  It was Mama Sela's Birthday.  They were 25+ deep. I was outnumbered.  Hoodwinked!  Nick and I walked in and all eyes fell on me.  I wanted to melt in my shoes.  I saw the question in their eyes.  WHO is THIS girl?  Luckily, my Dad didn't raise no foo' and taught me, NEVER to show up as a guest for the first time with out bearing a gift.  I pulled out the big guns..Crispy Creams Donuts.  To this day I think that's how I won that battle.  
I sat quietly listening to the conversations.  Dude....have these people know each other their whole lives??  I wondered.   YEP...Pretty Much!  I am NEVER going to fit in, must have ran though my head at least 100 times!
One marriage, three kids, 7 years later, and I can say without equivocation, that this family is MY family.  I love my brothers and my sisters gifted to me through marriage.  I love my Mom and Dad that raised and spoiled my husband...Opps did I say spoiled?  I mean LOVED my husband!  
Kamora, Chayla, and Sephra, are as much my girls as my Haven.  Lance and Irene, Thank you for always being there for us.  Thank you for loving me and my children.  Thank you for the laughs, the late nights, and ALL the good food.  LOVE YOU!