September 6, 2008

Featured on Pics and Kicks

Awesome news!  I was contacted by Natalie Norton of Pics and Kicks the day after I posted my little ditty about bag obsession....She wanted to feature me on her "What's in your bag" segment.  We did a great interview, and wah-laa, go check it out here.  I just love Natalie to pieces.  It makes me giggle just to see my name on the short list of GREATS she has interviewed before me!  Go check it out and let me know what you think!!  Here is a sneak peek at a shoot I did on Thursday night...back in the studio.


NONU6 said...

Great interview Omi!

Paul Bradford said...

Yes, I will concur. After reading your entry it is inspiring me to continue working at this even though I am a beginner. I love your work!