September 17, 2008

Someone sent this to me today and I had a laugh.  One time I was getting my hair done, and the hair dresser said "We are never supposed to talk politics at work...BUT..." and then proceeded to do a throw down, drag em' out, run down of her political views.   It was, I admit, veeerrry uncomfortable.  So, know this is all in good fun, please don't take it too serious.  I myself get too involved in the debates and at the end of the day it just puts me in a bad mood.  Poor Nick has to listen to my ranting and raving in bed at his eyes slowly roll around trying to focus enough to keep them open.  Sometimes he snores, mid sentence and then swears he wasn't sleeping.  If we can't laugh about it.....then our only other option would be to cry.  I always prefer a good laugh!

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