September 18, 2008

KD's Portfolio

My little sister (the recently operated) is more than just a pretty tummy. She is an aspiring hair dresser...or rather "COSMETOLOGIST."  She is working on  her portfolio for Paul Mitchel Academy.   So while she gussied up all the ladies, I practiced studio lighting for a change.   I'm sure you recognize my model "de jour", the lovely Devi.  Tara, her cousin is my new favorite person!  I will have a post on her very soon, in a near future.  She is the owner of the most amazing company.  You'll see, You'll see!  I must sleep.....I had to stop editing.  You know it's time when you can't get your left and right eye to focus at the same time.  NIGHT! 
I know this isn't my normal editing style, but for the portfolio we wanted something a little different!

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Anonymous said...

That's gonna be some portfolio!