September 21, 2008

MASINA FAMILY....(one of the other ones)

The first time I met Irene, I was on what I thought was a friendly date...a first date.  But, it wasn't...I was walking blindly into the Lion's Den.  It was the Masina's strong hold.  It was Mama Sela's Birthday.  They were 25+ deep. I was outnumbered.  Hoodwinked!  Nick and I walked in and all eyes fell on me.  I wanted to melt in my shoes.  I saw the question in their eyes.  WHO is THIS girl?  Luckily, my Dad didn't raise no foo' and taught me, NEVER to show up as a guest for the first time with out bearing a gift.  I pulled out the big guns..Crispy Creams Donuts.  To this day I think that's how I won that battle.  
I sat quietly listening to the conversations.  Dude....have these people know each other their whole lives??  I wondered.   YEP...Pretty Much!  I am NEVER going to fit in, must have ran though my head at least 100 times!
One marriage, three kids, 7 years later, and I can say without equivocation, that this family is MY family.  I love my brothers and my sisters gifted to me through marriage.  I love my Mom and Dad that raised and spoiled my husband...Opps did I say spoiled?  I mean LOVED my husband!  
Kamora, Chayla, and Sephra, are as much my girls as my Haven.  Lance and Irene, Thank you for always being there for us.  Thank you for loving me and my children.  Thank you for the laughs, the late nights, and ALL the good food.  LOVE YOU! 


Anonymous said...

Just BEAUTIFUL! I really love the "lines" through the photo's of the girls on photo "section #9". You are on top of the game Miss! You never disappoint. Keep em' comin!

Anonymous said...

Thank you soooo much Omz for always being so willing to take pictures of us. We are very blessed to be able to benefit from your talent. The girls thought it was just another play day with Aunty Omis Camera which makes me smile because it shows on their faces. BTW, my first impressions of you were, "Please don't mess this one up Nick(you know I luv ya Nick)!"

Anonymous said...

The Donuts made you family (no doubt) but the Sponge Bob biscuits has made you a definite keeper. Soooo yummie! We luv ya Omz. Irene,Lance & the other Masinas!

Halli said...

So this is my third attempt at leaving a comment...have no idea what's up with my internet. Anyway, Omi, I love the new pictures. Lance and Irene's family is beautiful. I have to agree with Sila...the three part picture with the lines through them is my favorite. So hip! =)

Pahulu Family said...

Beautiful pictures Oms! I still remember those days with Nick...too funny:) Your inlaws family pictures are beautiful! I still remember the ones you took of them in the Winter...the girls have grown so much! Can't wait for ours in December! So this past weekend, my mom came over and brought me this huge bag full of journals since I was 8yrs old. I was reading through it and found some IMs that I printed out when you were in Chicago and some of the dating dillemmas we both went through. Sure glad those days are over!

NONU6 said...

WARNING: comment may contain use of repetitive words.
BEAUTIFUL! Everytime I visit your blog its BEAUTIFUL, but this time its BEAUTIFUL and I'm in awe.. you my dear are BEAUTIFUL(LY) amazing!

Ps. Irene and family are(yes I'm gonna say it again) just BEAUTIFUL!

Nau Willis said... out do yourself everytime girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the Pix of Irene, Lance and family Sis!! Love it!!!
Hahaha...too funny the Krispy Kreme donuts...4got all about that...LOL! Love ya Sis!!