September 23, 2008


My two little rascals started school on Monday. As much work as it was to have two extra kids everyday, I miss them both so much! We were crackin' up at Mia's leg all wrapped around Rayce....SUPER STAR MUCH?? I just want to pinch their cheeks.


Hali said...

Ohhhh TOO cute!!

K-C Tohara said...

:) soooo cute, my little man. I love the ones with them together.
I want to get all of them from you Omi, esp. the one with him squatting down. Thanks a billion for helping me capture this moment with my little boy!

Marcoe said...

Ohhhh Omi, I love your pics, makes me really miss being with my grandkiddies as they are growing up and thanks for taking the pics so I can be a part of it.
----> Gramma Anne

Anonymous said...

How cute are these kids??? Love the little uniforms!

*Ruth Mullins* said...

These are sooo cute... I have to get copies too.

What monkeys.