September 12, 2008


 one of those people that knows WAY too much about my life for his own good, wait....that would be..for my own good. We went to High School together and we had a good laugh about the historical value, or lack of value those memories have. I've decided that I am actually holding all the hard copies of his shoot as black mail and threatened him with a super large, digitally imposed, zit, on the tip of his nose if he didn't keep his reminiscing to himself.   We really had such a funny shoot.  I am so impressed with how grown up he is.....I guess he's an adult, a husband and a Father now... and the last time we had a full conversation he might have been 16, but in my head I guess he'll always be the Reed I used to know.
 Reed comes from a long line of musicians, following, faithfully in his Fathers footsteps.  His love is Hawaiian traditional music and his sound is ON POINT.  Because he grew up listening to his father play and learned side by side him, as he got older, the memories  and the music are weaved sweetly together.  It really is beautiful to see the joy that comes from watching someone do what they love.   There are songs he plans to record on his album that haven't been recorded since the 1960's.  What an amazing preservation of history and culture for his family and Hawaiians everywhere.  It was an honor to be a small part of his important work.
Reed, I know you will be a great success.  I wish you all the best as a Father, a Husband and as a very talented Musician.  Please let me know when you release your album.  You've already got two albums sold brother!


ma'elePHOTO said...

Hey... I remember this dude. How cool! Good luck on all you ventures Reed!

Oms I'm LOVING the texture in your photos! What editing software do you heart? (again... peeking into your bag! lol!)

OMI said...

Ele...I'm working on a texture tutorial right just hold on to your saddle'll get the run down!

HewLen's said...

Mahalo for the wishes! Thanks to Omi...I'll have to get more...and more...and more! Omi, I've got you in mind for 3 different shoots!!! Can???

OMI said...

Okay Reed, if you twist my arm! I always look forward to kickin' it with you brother! Let me know when you want to get scheduled.

Ku'uipo said...

Such a small world! Reed is our good friend also, we are neighbors. Love the pics.