September 12, 2008

Sis and CYSTS

I wanted to thank all the people I had to cancel on this week.  I know it's not been easy getting scheduled and ready so I am very grateful to those who were so gracious and  understanding about the changes.  I've been waiting to post until we were past the event, to really explain what we've been dealing with as a family.  I am number 3 of 6 in my family.  I am the youngest of the first bunch, the middle of the whole bunch and honestly feel like a second mother to my little brother and two sisters.  Needless to say, we are a very close family.  
For the last year my youngest sister was having some tummy problems... literally, it was growing like a summer watermelon.  Doctor visit after Doctor visit the conclusion was always related to the digestion of food or rather lack of digestion.  CAT scan, name it, and she had it done.  All the prescribed solutions we were getting from the doctor weren't improving her condition or the pain, and my sister was getting discouraged.  Her stomach was expanding by the week.  It looked strangely like a pregnancy, which was ruled out 10 times.  About two weeks ago, she was sent to see a OBGYN, as a precaution after seeing a stomach specialist, after more tests and x-rays were done.  This time the diagnoses was different, and concise.  She had a 12 lbs cysts the size of a volleyball growing around one of her ovaries.  It was a relief rather than a discouraging blow, but it still blows my mind that it took over 9 months of Doctor visits to discover.   At least we knew what was going on and there was a solution on the horizon.  She went in for her operation on Tuesday and is recovering wonderfully.  I so want to post a picture of it, because it looks like something out of a SCIFI movie, but I won't post it because it looks like something out of a SCIFI movie.  Lesson learned:  follow  your intuition.  We all knew something wasn't right, and we just kept sending her back for second opinions.  If you think something is wrong and are concerned keep getting information.  We nearly diagnosed her ourselves with the help of the Internet.  
Man, if that were a teen life prep about effective.  I bet my shooting finger, her view of Pregnancy and Motherhood isn't laced with fairy tale honey.  She got a real dose of: Sleepless nights, achy back, frequent bathroom visits, indigestion, and even a 11 inch vertical, stapled exit wound.


Anonymous said...

Oh man Omi, I wish I had known about this, I could've helped!! I too had about 10 lbs of cysts when I was dating Carl...unfortunately one of mine 'exploded' and I tell you it was worse pain then all of my pregnancies and I didn't have an epidural! The only good thing about it was I came out of the hospital 3 days later and over 10 lbs LIGHTER!! Hope she is doing better and tell her she's in our you guys, Kristen

OMI said...

Why didn't we know about this.....I guess it's something you don't talk about over New Years Dinner. For your tiny body I bet 10 lbs of CYST was a serious confusing issue. Next time I will post my questions....Doctors?? I'm doubting profession in general after that!

Aloha said...

Omi. I LOVE LOVE LOVE (tell me if thats to many loves haha) of what you did for Kimo and Reed! I need to hit you up about a shoot soon. Your rock! Talk soon.