September 22, 2008


"Av yuh evah kissed a Belgium Mun?" Me: "Huh?", not knowing if it was the thudding of the music or the heavy accent that made his question unintelligible.  "Haav you EVAAHH kissed a Belgium Mun?" Me: HUH!?  Understanding this time.  "NO!!" I shot back at the complete stranger, with a wrinkled nose and twisted mouth.  "Du yuh wunt tuh?"  uuuhgg Blech!!  I stood up and marched straight to the pay phone, pulled out that trusty emergency quarter, and called Mom for immediate rescue.  Giving no thought that, I had just went to great lengths to out smart this lady called Mom.  A two year grounding was a welcomed trade off.  
A decade and a half later, Nick dragged me up the stairs past the forming line to the "other" entrance.  The "VIP" entrance, just like the movies: Name: check, clipboard: check , past the velvet rope: check.  It was the celebrity after party for Tanner Halls'  The Massive  new movie release.  At first I was intrigued, but by the time my eyes adjusted to the dark smoky room, it dawned on me....I wouldn't know a celebrity snow border/skier if they snow plowed across my nose, which at that point I might have appreciated.  Watching the people move so freely and closely made me think I was looking at a snow globe, seeing all the co-motion but not feeling the craziness.  People watchers around the world will agree bars and clubs and maybe church are the top three people watching that, club, church.  (lol!)  Inside the club we had a reserved booth with a drop dead beautiful waitress.  For a second I thought  it was a shame that such a pretty girl would be a V.I.P. Park City waitress....but then I chuckled.  What was a better job for this beauty?  A manager at a clothing store?  A hair dresser....?  I'm positive that girl earns more dinero dishing drinks than 98.2% of 9-5ers in Utah.  I only wish I'd have brought my camera in with me.  There was so much material....I even saw a guy lean over to the stranger at his left and whisper "Av yuh evah kissed a Belgium Mun?" 

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