October 31, 2008


Meet the Snyders everyone! Spencer and Kristy live a rocks throw from us and we are really happy to have them as friends and neighbors! Nick is always telling me to make treats to take over to them....it would seem that I'm not so good at making treats lately, huh guys! Stella, Miles and Brighton are the same ages as our three, so it was fun for me to work with other kids, and see so many things my kids do.  It's Halloween so I'm going to post quickly.  So much to do.  So much to do!!  Thanks Kristy!  I'm so happy you asked me to take the kids/family pictures!!

October 30, 2008

Kasia is Turning TWO!!

Kasia is Kindia's little sister. I LOVE these little girls. (With a CAPITOL LOVE, obviously).  The picture below is a shoot I did with them last year for their birthday
I had a shoot in the summer with Kindia...and the other two pictures are from their individual shoots, last year.

And the following are the images from Kasia's birthday shoot...

It's been such a fun thing to see these girls grow. I truly feel attached to them, and Jodi, I appreciate you allowing me to document all these little footsteps.  Every year Jodi makes a book for the girls birth Mom.  It's such a thoughtful act of kindness, that I'm sure she doesn't think twice about!  Thank you again for the fun morning!  Can't wait till we get ALL 3 girls!!

October 28, 2008


Last night, Nick's good friend Bevan and his wife Darcey, invited us out to the ODYSSEY DANCE THEATER'S, Thriller Show. Darcey is the owner of THE POINTE, Performing Arts Academy, which also is the home for The ODYSSEY DANCE THEATER.  We had a relaxed, fun dinner at P.F. CHANGS....and by relaxed, I mean, we took our time/we had time.  Because, normally we try to pack so much into date night.   We are notorious for ordering our food, with the drink order, and asking for the check and our desert to go...just so we won't miss more than the first 10 min. of a movie.  We time these things to the second.  Darcey and Bevan are two of the funniest, most enjoyable couples we've ever hung out with.  So...we had amazing tickets, of course... 4th row, and they put us in the isle, where the above pictured "ZOMBIES" could harass us.  It was actually very creepy...they..the zombies never broke character and had the gate, the hiss, and the stare that would make any "night of the living dead", proud.  The show was unbelievable!  Nothing is more inspiring that witnessing true talent in action!  
Stacey Clark was dancing lead and I sat on the edge of my see in awe of her, and Lisa Benson, who is in our ward.....and also an INCREDIBLE dancer, blew my mind.  We got to go back stage during intermission, to give Darcy's daughter Allyssa something. (she danced as a "chucky-doll"...would have given my little sisters nightmares for weeks.)  I was able to meet Derryl Yeager back stage.  He is the founder and artistic director of Odyssey.  You may recognize him from, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Staying Alive, Days of Our Lives, Broadway..(Cats/Dreamgirls...) and if you don't recognize him from that....there is one role you'd never mistake him in......take  a minute and really look.  It made me laugh too!  
Anyway!  It was amazing and I thank you BEVAN and DARCEY a million times for the invite!!  We love you!  I'm so glad I finally got to meet you Darcey!


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Seti Matua
Will Unga
Ben Burton
Gil Tavita
Eric Amitoelau
Nick Masina (my handsome husband)
Sarafi Auva'a Tavita
Leroy "Big Budah" Te'o
Olosa'a Solovi Jr.
Sione Havili
Bryant Masina
Mike Farr

I am so excited to announce the new P.A.L.E. website.  Each and every board member has sacrificed many hours and dedicated countless thoughts and ideas to this non profit foundation, created to support families, parents and the youth of our communities.  Because my husband works so closely with this group I have also been involved, on the side lines as a cheer leader and a believer that we/they will make a difference in the futures and accomplishments of our children.  I have also come to love all of them as family (obviously some of us ARE family..lol!)  Those of you who know or recognize the faces that serve as the back bone of this foundation, will agree with me that, there are no better people under the sun!  The best of luck to you P.A.L.E.  
P.A.L.E is a registered tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS tax code, and all donations are deductible for computing income and estate taxes.  If you are interested in donating to P.A.L.E., please contact P.A.L.E. by clicking this link