October 27, 2008

Derailed by Food Poisoning

My life functions well!  Most of the time I can keep all my plates spinning ....most of the time means, in the absence of illness.  It's crazy how easily  I forget that this one woman juggling show is so fragile.  Whenever there is a break down I comfortably become "JUSTMOM."   J.MOM gets to go to sleep in with the kids and wake up when they decide to wake up, she does no laundry, no dishes, and takes naps with her boys.  Unfortunately or fortunately, food poisoning only lasts 24 hours.   I'm better and it's time to start the spinning the plates darlings! 
Game ON! 

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Anonymous said...

Oh you poor thing!! I've had food poisoning 4 times in my life (never by my own cooking thank goodness) Once it was so bad, (Carl was out of the Country)that the boys got so scared that Kobe got his brothers together to give me a blessing...and I kid you not I felt better immediately! So nice to be surrounded by future priesthood holders. Glad to hear you're feeling better!!