October 24, 2008

Good News and Bad News..and the Good News

Good News 
The November 13th dinner is full. Congrats!!  

Kayleen (PAID)
Carol (PAID)
Alicia (PAID)
Loyann (PAID)

I will send the invoices.  I have Sanae and Verlynn on call, if someone should not respond to the invoice.  I'm so sorry you guys....I would do more mentoring if I had the time.  And I DO realize I post theses in the middle of the night while most of you are sleeping...BUT the good news is....

Sanae and Verlynn have the first two spots for December's Dinner.  I will take two more today.  I know December is such a crazy time so I will host it early in the month.  So December 3rd's dinner only has 2 spots left.  As soon as I get November booked I will send the the invoices to you guys ( Sanae and Verlynn.)  

Hope this isn't too confusing..... I will take the first two who comment specifying that they want the spots.  

Here are a few reviews from former Dinner Development participants.  Thank you Hali and Sila for the positive feedback...click on the name to read the review

(Mindy's isn't a review, but she was one of the photographers at the dinner, and we just loved her!  check her out!)


RINA :) said...

Oooh yeaaaah...I was waiting and waiting for your next mentoring session. I'm soooo down for December!

RINA :) said...

Oh also, can I bring my sister too? Ok I don't want to sound like a "mentor session" hog, but she seriously loves your work, as I do, and has been wanting to attend one of your sessions as well =)

If not, it's all good...as long as I get to go! LOLOLOL

OMI said...

alright....we are full then! Can you give me the email to send the invoices??

RINA :) said...

of course, mrs.toketa@yahoo.com

Pahulu Family said...

Just my luck! Of course when I got bogged down of work and not log on for 2 days I miss the next dinner development! Next time! If there is a cancellation let me know, or even February's openings.

OMI said...


The Finau Family said...

Hi I sent my payment.. sorry it took me a couple of tries the system kept kicking me out.. Maybe my computer? Maybe my credit card? ha ha.. But finally.. I'm so excited.. Cant wait to meet you..

Tuikolovatu Family said...

I hope its not to late to leave a review, Sorry things are crazy right now. Anyway, I really got alot of helpful information at our little dinner group, that I am implimenting into my business. I am currently working on branding my name. Thank You so Much Omi, it is rare to find a sucessful photograher willing to help out other photographers. You are awesome to say the least.

Thanks Mindy

p.s did you get my email?

Unga Fam said...

Okay Omi T.. What does it take for me in Cali to get a dinner with you? If I set up a shoot for you out here can you pencil me in? I am sending you that book... So I am thinking as soon as people out here see your work in my book they will be saying how can I get her.


Big hugs,

OMI said...

Love you NAT NAT! Here's the deal...If I get 3 SHOOTS in any are...I will fly out to where you are. With the exception of HAWAII...Where I need 4 SHOOTS....ROUND EM' UP sis so I can some see you!!! LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

I have been a "browser" for a while and have a love for photography. I would love to gather with you and learn the ropes. Please let me know when you have any openings again.