October 22, 2008

Malina and The COROTAN Parents : )

It was like one of those bad dreams.  You know...walking into math class, foggy about the last time you actually attended,  cause you had such a hard time finding the room in the first place, yet you are pretty positive the teacher hates you for...I dunno...never attending.  All the while you are wondering what would make you such an idiot because you have taken this class twice already...AND you are like 30, and why in the world are you even still in school?? oooooor... how bout this one... showing up to an important event, where you see the guy who broke your heart and you didn't even have time to put on a little mascara, brush your teeth or fix your hair, and your clothes are...yep.. too tight.  YES!!  One of those bad boyz!  It was just like that, but this time it was no dream...it was a FOR REAL, eyes wide open, but a bad dream, none the less! I turned my camera on, pointed it in the direction of my subject and pressed the shutter. NOTHING..no click, no sound of the spinning lens. nothing.  I mechanically turned the camera over and slowly flipped open the battery compartment. It's empty socket practically made a face at me, rolled it's eyes and said "WHAT kind of photographer are you?" "Who does that...forget your battery?!  ppfft!"

Luckily for me, this family just happened to be the coolest, most understanding clients ever...and  waited as I ran to the closest Best Buy to buy a battery....praying to High Heaven..that this would  be an incredible shoot.

Jess and Gabe are getting ready to celebrate Malina's first birthday.  So looking at these two knock outs and their beautiful young daughter..I say "So...you guys, been married...whhaaat 2 years?"  K....no. try 6.  (you'll never guess who got pregnant on her honeymoon?  I'm so lame for relating to the whole world as only I would!)  They both graduated from BYU Provo, where they met after NOT being set up on a blind date.  Follow?  Gabe went on to graduate with his Masters, the same year he became a Dad.... and currently plays ball with my husband on his 3 hour lunch breaks. (let me clarify...MY husbands 3 hour lunch breaks, that is.)  Congrats on parenthood you guys!  I just love the both of you and so appreciate you inviting me to capture the completion of Malina's first year and the beginning of those "WONDERFUL" twos!

P.S.  This black cat followed us around the entire time....it practically sat on my face in that bottom shot.  I'm so allergic to cats I wanted to scream, but it helped keep Malina's attention and even made her laugh a few times.  So thank you my friend, Mr. Cat!  Hey...what's that adage about the black cat crossing  your path??  Good Luck right??  HAPPY HALLOWEEN to me!

P.P.S Thank you High Heaven



Lavi said...

very nice, like always :) you take wonderful photots Omi..

Anonymous said...

Gosh, how fair is it that this family is so good looking?! They were super cool!

Frame 2 and 3..... AWESOME!!! Dang you got some photo editing skills girl, but we already knew that.

Next shoot I will be extra early to make sure we have EVERYTHING! lol.

p.s. love ya right back!

Alicia said...

I just LOVE your work! And I really didn't know anyone else had that "being back in school" dream/nightmare! Too Funny! Glad Best Buy was there to back you up!

RINA :) said...

They look amazing! The family AND the photos =)

Great job!

Tuikolovatu Family said...

I have forgot to charge my battery and crossed my fingers it would last, But never down right forgot it:) It is good to know that best buy carries those batteries. As always I love your style. I want to be you when I grow up:D


Kiki Fangupo said...

darling family! i like that shot with the cat in it, and yes I think it means extra good luck for you! lol great job omi =)

mandy said...

Hey I know those guys!! Arent they totally rad!! Gabe drums for jake in Cubworld:D sometimes...so cool!! love ya...:D...yer so inspiring!!! talk to ya soon:D..mandy OH great shots by the way!!! love your editing too!!! totally radical!!