October 28, 2008


click this link to see the new site /and on the names to read their BIOS
Seti Matua
Will Unga
Ben Burton
Gil Tavita
Eric Amitoelau
Nick Masina (my handsome husband)
Sarafi Auva'a Tavita
Leroy "Big Budah" Te'o
Olosa'a Solovi Jr.
Sione Havili
Bryant Masina
Mike Farr

I am so excited to announce the new P.A.L.E. website.  Each and every board member has sacrificed many hours and dedicated countless thoughts and ideas to this non profit foundation, created to support families, parents and the youth of our communities.  Because my husband works so closely with this group I have also been involved, on the side lines as a cheer leader and a believer that we/they will make a difference in the futures and accomplishments of our children.  I have also come to love all of them as family (obviously some of us ARE family..lol!)  Those of you who know or recognize the faces that serve as the back bone of this foundation, will agree with me that, there are no better people under the sun!  The best of luck to you P.A.L.E.  
P.A.L.E is a registered tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS tax code, and all donations are deductible for computing income and estate taxes.  If you are interested in donating to P.A.L.E., please contact P.A.L.E. by clicking this link


Anonymous said...

Hi Omi...Love what you did with the P.A.L.E. site. Keep up the good work and wishing all the board members nothing but success with the foundation.

So I finally got a chance to really go through your blog Omi. Love it. Your sooooo GOOD at what you do. Now I will be a blog camper. My boss will not be happy. Hehehe. Your work is beautiful. Your family is beautiful. Say hello to Nick and the children. Great work girl! Take care.

Your friends from Rose Park...The Taloa's

OMI said...

THANK YOU! I really do appreciate it guys!!

Anonymous said...

I agree! Great job on the site Om! You are truly a professional's professional! lol

Halli said...

Wow Sila, a professional's professional huh?! Isn't that the miko guy's saying... hey he's even listed above, picture and everything, Olosa'a Solovi, Jr! I heard he's not so much a "professional's professional" anymore, by word of his wife. Hahahaha! Love you Junior! =)

Anonymous said...

Halli..... HECKA L{ing}OL!

Anonymous said...

What a nice looking group of people. Great Job Omz! Sorry it took a year for me to come on but like I said last nite it's been a long week! Don't forget to eat your yellow cake & Green one while your at it! Luv Ya & Thanks for Halloween!

Kayleen Taulanga said...

Oh hey I know the matua's. Their sons are good friends with my little brother.