November 18, 2008


Before I flew out to Seattle I had a really fun shoot with my favorite set of girls!!  They really are sisters...yes... all of them.  The younger twins are the biological sisters of our little Kindia, who is Kasia's sister.  I'm sure you all recognize those two by now!  Sila and I were laughing about all the constant attention they get, wherever they go.  They are semi celebrities.  People stare... ogle, and coo, clap, gush!  I felt like paparazzi.  Anyway LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these girls as always!  Thank you Jodi, Denise, and Nancy....and of course my girls!!


Anonymous said...

My girls, I adore you! These shoots are always FUN!!!! How many people were drawn to our little shoot? I loved it! Fantastic as usual!

Niki O2afi said...

These are absolutely beautiful Omi! :)

HewLen's said...

man Omi, how fun is this! You're so great at what you do! I'm glad to see the success you have had!