December 8, 2008


I've been trying to find time to get January's dinner opened!  Here we go!  January 7th Dinner.  The four seats are open.  Click here to learn about the Teaching Dinners, if you are new to the blog and have no idea what I'm talking about!!  

As always, I will take the first four who comment stating interest in the dinner.  I will send them a $30.00 invoice via email (don't forget your email in your comment).  You then have 24 hours to pay the invoice or the seat will go to the waiting list.  As soon as January is full I will open February's Dinner (FEB 11th!)


  I will not be having a Dinner Development in MARCH...............BECAUSE.................In March I will be doing a SPRING GROUP SHOOT.  I'm so excited about this new section of mentoring.  I will be hosting every 6 months.  I will hire the models, and provide the food and entertainment!  We will shoot together, look at equipment, eat, laugh, you'll probably get a nice head shot or two.  (and you will make many.. many friends!!!)  Those of you who have attended a dinner development  this year and want to attend the group shoot will get a seat at a discount!  YEAHHHH!!!  Okay so I will post more on that once we've got JAN and FEB booked


Alicia said...

Oh oh oh! The Spring Group shoot sounds like so so sooooo much FUN! I will totally come up for that! You're awesome Naomi!

Anonymous said...

Hey Omi. So I showed my in-laws your blog page while visiting them in Cali over the weekend. They were sooo impressed with your work and so you'll probably get a call for our family photo's in June. (I far away LOL) Anyhoo, my SIL is into photography as well. I told her about your dinner sessions and she'd like to sign up for one when they are here. Again in June..hehe. I'll check back when its closer to that time for more details or I'll have her check out your blog and see if she can work something out. Hope thats ok. As always, your work is awesome... Much alofa's to you and the family.. Leah T :)

Maka said...

Hi Omi,

Not sure if you know me, but I know Nick does. My name is Maka, and my wife and I are big fans. I've had my own photography business for the past 4 years, but new to the blogging thing.

Anyways, we check your blog often, because we love your work. I told my wife, Jeane, that she might enjoy a mentoring dinner with you, so I'd like to sign her up for January? She loves your style. She's been shooting for the past 2 years, and she's still experimenting, but I love her natural ability and her eye for detail.

I mostly shoot weddings, but she likes to do the family and kid stuff, so I know she would love to learn from you.

I don't like to leave my info out there for everyone, so could you leave a message on our photoblog with info to contact you?

Once again, we're big fans, and I look forward to my wife being able to learn. I would benefit as well, but it seems like mostly women are going to these with you.

Tell Nick that Maka and Jeane said Hello!

sepa said...

omi, i have an engagement on the evening of 1/7. can i be the first to sign on for february?


& ignore the "& amp on my signature" it bugs me. hope it doesn't you. :)

Melejane said...

Hi Omi,

My name is Latu. I'm 15 minutes new here, but I would absolutely love to attend the Teaching Dinner in January!

I love your pictures and am totally smitten! haha.

The "click here" link to describe these Teaching Dinners doesn't work. It's sort of self explanatory but just to be sure can I get more info? I have to admit my photography experience is limited to the usual snap and shoot at family functions and the mere admoration of "real" photographers:-)

Please, if there is availability or if someone ends up not paying send me an invoice at


Ana Moleni Fonua said...
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The Finau Family said...

I would love to join in on another one.. If that's possible.. Jan or Feb.. whenever.. Or is for people who have not attended one? But I am so interested in one of the Spring group shoot.. So please count me in for the first one.. Thank you

Leti Purcell-YoungYen said...

Hey Om,

So I guess to get our long awaited lunch date in I just better sign up for a dinner development :) because I know you are too busy and on top of that I would love to learn about photography. Let me know if there's a spot in January! Call or email me. Thanks and send my love to Nick and the kids.

Love you and hope to see you soon!

kanaboke said...

Naomi~you are seriously one of the most generous people I have "never" known!! Seriously, generous doesn't even describe the kind of person you are with sharing your wisdom and talent with others that have the same passion as you do, but are not sure how or where to start. You shall always rank as one of the Seven Wonders in my book as you always have me in awe of what you do and are willing to share!

RINA :) said...

Hey Omi!

Can me and my sister attend the February one?


lauren said...

Hi Naomi!

I found you from Jake K's awesome pics. I love what I've seen on your blog. I'm probably totally late but I would love to be at the Feb. dinner.

thanks ~lauren