December 11, 2008


I just confirmed that I will be in HAWAII (Oahu, and Big Island) in mid April.  Please e-mail me if you'd like to book a session while I am there.  I only plan on doing a few extra shoot since I want to visit family and play...and eat...and sleep!  So contact me to schedule your shoot!  CAN'T WAIT!!

I've not been good about blogging this week.  I'm not going to's the reading.  I'm sure it's a disease, but I can't pull myself away from a book once I've started it...and Unfortunately  Harry Potter is a series of about a gazillion books, so I have worked myself into some corner haven't I??   See you on the other side!


*Ruth Mullins* said...

lol...and you are only halfway through....Book Five is waiting...hehehe

kanaboke said...

ooooh, Harry Potter is so worth getting lost in!! :) Book 4 and Book 7 were my all time faves!

Anonymous said...

Hawaii TOO ;) ?! LUCKY!!!!!

"Love or Perish" - W. H. Auden said...

MALUPO FAMILY of 4 please! Let me know the details, ie. what days you'll be on oahu, (laie) price, etc. etc.

thanks omz