December 19, 2008

Jacob "CUBWORLD" Kongaika/Musical Artist/H.Y.P.E.

Jacob and his wife Mandy happen to be two of our close friends. There are life experiences you go through that bond you forever. We are so bonded with this family! Jacob has exceptional musical and artistic talent. Please click here  and here to listen to his beautiful music and follow his success.  

In 2006 he uploaded  a few demo tracks to a site called  This site helped CUBWORLD supporters make it possible for him to professionally record and release his first album.  He was the first American to raise the needed money to cut his record and only the second band to hit 50K.

He worked with producers from legit studios.  The music was mixed and Master by pros from Universal and MTV.   He is currently working on his second album and the more his name gets out there the closer he is to his dream!  Jake IS the business!  He is going to be huge and a light to our community and youth!  Go check out his music and buy that album!!  LOVE YOU JAKE!!

Jake is also a huge support for OMIPHOTO.COM.  He is a head designer for sign hub and handles most of my branding design and printing!


Anonymous said...

Again, great pictures Omi. We have his first CD and it's great!!! Even my boys know many of his songs!! Wish we could see him perform in person...and I agree he will be Big very soon!!

mandy said...

OMI YOU ARE AWESOME! This is Jake FYI :) Your shots are so awesome. Im not huge yet but one things for sure, im chubby hahahahaha. Love it though. You my friend have skill. Mandy loves them too :). Thanks for your kind words as well. I liked this shoot on my sellaband page. Malie! malie! Thanks Omi. Love you guys.

Unknown said...

Yeah!!! I totally remember Jake and his beautiful wife Mandy from BYUH. Back in those dayz long ago. It was cool to hear what he is doing. Awesome and love the pics as always.

Alicia said...

These are great! I must be out of the loop... Cameron would love his music! Thanks for the music links and the inspiring portraits!