December 19, 2008

Jacob Fitisemanu/U of U Med Student/H.Y.P.E.

Jacob, is another face of H.Y.P.E.  He is the first in his family to graduate from college and is now pursuing a degree in Medicine at the U of U.  He was the second person to arrive on Saturday morning and I noticed him immediately because he was wearing his scrubs.  I almost called him by name, assuming that he really was Jacob, our Med Student...but a funny memory of Savani telling me that everyone though Nick was in Medical School at BYU-Provo, because...(and now this is a wild guess..) he wore his green scrubs to school... FREQUENTLY... stopped me from doing so.  It turned out he was really "our" Jacob... and all is well that ends well with deductive reasoning!  P.S.  I threw away the impostor scrubs very shortly after that conversation!  P.P.S.  YOU ROCK JACOB.... P.P.P.S.  Tina sweats everyone...even myself, especially about statistics.  (lol)


Anonymous said...

LOL, i usually don't wear scrubs outside the lab. you are too good Omi, my wife is so surprised because she never likes how i smile but i guess these shots were cool :)

Anonymous said...

Omi, your photos are AWESOME. Will need to call you for a family portrait soon. Jake la'ikiki, you look great! You're always smiling, no matter what...Very nice photos..
Reeny Fitisemanu