December 15, 2008

Meagan Ho-Ching Palelei/ Harvard Student/H.Y.P.E

This beautiful girl had got brains to go with that pretty face. Meagan is currently a resident of Boston, MA. She made the difficult decision to leave home, spread her wings and attend one of the top universities in the world: HARVARD. Meagan is also part of the H.Y.P.E MOVEMENT, letting her life and her choices shine as an example to all our youth! Best of Luck sis!


Alicia said...

Naomi, these H.Y.P.E Portraits are AMAZING! Each of them! Wow. GREAT GREAT GREAT JOB!

Lita said...

That is awesome! I remember her being a lil girl! The future is bright for my Poly folks! Love your work too!