December 19, 2008

Neti Taumoepeau/Vocalist/H.Y.P.E.

I couldn't love this girl more!  Neti is the real unreal voice, beauty and a wonderful personality.  Ealier this year she released her first full Tongan album "'Unaloto ki Pulotu.''  It's one thing to be impressed with the ability and talent to make an album but what makes this production remarkable is that she donated all of the proceeds from the sales to the Tongan Red Cross, if I'm not mistaken.  She continues to sing and preform and I can't see anything but the brightest of futures for this special girl!  LOVE YOU NET!!


Alicia said...

Again, Naomi! Absolutely AMAZING!! Wow.

RINA :) said...

What a gorgeous girl :) WOw Omi, even the horrendous weather could not get you down! Awesome job!

Poutua said...

Beautiful shots of Neti! You do amazing work!